Saudi Spends Half a Million Dirhams a Bottle of Champagne in Dubai

Saudi visitors spent half a million dirhams a bottle of Champagne "Crystal" in a night club in Dubai,

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Saudi visitors spent half a million dirhams a bottle of Champagne ”Crystal” in a night club in Dubai, said club manager that bottle of champagne is one of the three bottles of the same type exist in the world, adding that the other two bottles are before in New Yorkand London at the same price.

The director of the French club, “David Ascareh” that the buyer, who was a companionwith him 25 years of age in the forties and he mastered several languages ​​fluently, including French.

The Director declined to say how much money the customer spent that night in addition to a bottle of champagne and whether it has exceeded one million dirhams, saying onlythat he spent that night was a great figure.

The procurement process has had on Saturday night after the Dubai World Cup horse17.

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