Premiership Preview 12/13

Previewing the Top Eight Clubs from last season and how they look going into the new season.

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Last Season Summary

It was a truly exceptional season in 11/12. It had everything from freak results, fabulous games between the Top 4 and the potential of a breakaway of the top six. Manchester City won the Title on the Final Day in Truly dramatic fashion in a moment that has firmly been etched into Football History. Manchester United were the reigning champions and gave their City rivals a massive battle and without a freak result at Old Trafford against City they would have arguably picked up their 20th Title which they will undoubtedly be out to get this season after losing out on the last day of last season. City and United both displayed some exceptional Football last season and if United had won the Premier League you could have made a case for City losing the Title which they had their grasp on at many points during the season so I don’t believe United choked, Manchester City were the marginally better team over the whole season and as a result they won their first Premier League Title.

Anyway that is in the past now and we have to look at the new season which is quickly upon us, tomorrow is the start of the new season and plenty of changes have been made around the League and Fans, players and Managers will have a renewed sense of optimism. I believe that this season truly has the makings of being an even better one than last which if that happens it will be a truly astonishingly good that would well and truly cement the English Premier League as now the best Football League in the World. As a Manchester United fan I was devastated to lose the Title but the way that Manchester City did it was truly an extraordinary moment which was a truly brilliant advert for the Premier League. So in this article I will preview the New season for the top 8 of last season and look at what each team have done during the close season and how they might fare next season with the additions they’ve made as well as the departures.


Manchester City

After winning their first Premier League Title and first League Title for 44 years, Manchester City will look to defend their crown and push on and cement their own Dynasty over the next few seasons. With the likes of Aguero, Tevez, Balotelli & Dzeko (If he stays) they have an extremely potent strike force that will score plenty of goals and with a fine Midfield and strong defence they certainly have the pieces to defend their Title. Sometimes the first one can be the hardest to win and I doubt that things could be as dramatic as last seasons final Day yet anything is possible. To date they’ve only signed Jack Rodwell in the Transfer Market this Summer so they must seem pretty content in their ability to defend without too much tweaking and Rodwell will be a Squad player. City are certainly capable of winning the Title again but I believe that Manchester United will be even harder to beat this season.

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