Plastic Football Fans: Why?

An insight to why people support big teams without having any links whatsoever.

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Ok, recently I was thinking, Why do people support big Football teams without having any real connection.

I have been looking around and asking people why they support big teams and the main answer is: “They’re good”.

Pretty Obvious huh? These people support a big team for one reason and one reason only. They’re Good. These people are what are known to me as Glory Seekers, They follow the crowd and the team because either their friends are following the team or they just wanna think that because their team won they can brag about it without having any part of helping the team. Sad huh?

I support my local team, which most people should really do. These ‘Plastic Fans’ are what is turning the modern day football game into a joke. These people are buying a Machester United shirt because their friend bought one. These Jokes are the people that think they should be like the rest and have no originality whatsoever.

These people are “Glory Seeking Plastic Fans!”

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  1. Devin Wallace
    Posted March 12, 2009 at 1:41 pm

    It’s called frontrunning and when done over and over, it gets annoying. But many closet fans, ones that arent huge fans, sometimes like to go to a popular team because those are the only players they know.

  2. "Plastic" football fan...whatever that is.
    Posted January 13, 2010 at 9:37 am

    Why so bitter? People are free to do and support whatever they like. If you ask me, those who support teams without regularly attending matches are a damn sight smarter than many of the fools who attend week in week out, paying the horrendously inflated wages of players and then thinking they have they right to bash someone who supports another team, as if they are an enemy tribe.

    It\’s all bloody primitive.

    So bloody what if they\’re the only players that they know. Some people have lives outside of being a football spectator, you know, memorizing the names of players like a 12 year old memorizes pokemon cards. Pathetic, really.

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