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Full name Football Association
Bandung Indonesia
Nickname Maung Bandung
Blue Prince
Founded March 14, 1933
The starling Harupat Stadium Stadium
Soreang, Bandung, Indonesia
(Capacity: 40,000)

Director General Glenn Sagita
Coach Daniel Roekito Flag Indonesia
Indonesia Super League League
ISL 2009-2010 Rank 4
Group bobotoh and Viking fans

Persib Bandung, or often shortened to Persib (Football Association of Indonesia Bandung) is one of Indonesia’s football team. Note relatively stable performance of this team on board for Indonesia football, since the era of the United reached the League of contemporary Indonesia.
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Prior named Persib Bandung, in Bandung stood Bandoeng Inlandsche Voetbal Bond (BIVB) in about 1923. BIVB This is one of the nationalist struggle of the organization at that time. Noted as the General Chairman is Mr BIVB. Syamsudin which is then forwarded by the son of a woman warrior Goddess Sartika, namely R. Atot.

Atot reason, noted as the Regional Commissioner of the first West Java. BIVB Tegallega field advantage in front of the stands horse race. This BIVB team entered the match several times outside the city like Yogyakarta and Jatinegara, Jakarta.

On April 19, 1930, together with Vij BIVB Jakarta, SIVB (now Persebaya), MIVB (PPSM Magelang), mvb (PSM Madison), VVB (Persis Solo), and PSM (PSIM Yogyakarta) helped birth the meeting, held PSSI Societeit Hadiprojo in Yogyakarta. BIVB the meeting was represented by Mr. Shamsuddin. A year later the annual competition between cities / union held. BIVB union managed to enter the final competition in 1933 despite losing to Vij Jakarta.

BIVB then disappeared and came two other clubs are also colored by nationalist Indonesia namely Bandung Indonesia Football Association (PSIB) and the National Voetball Bond (NVB). On March 14, 1933, both clubs had agreed to do fusion and was born the gathering that called Persib who then choose Anwar St. Pamoentjak as General Chairman. The clubs that merged into the Persib is READY, Soenda, Singgalang, Diana, the Sun, OVU, RAN, HBOM, Jop, MALTA, and Merapi.

Persib union back in the final competition in 1934, and again lost to Vij Jakarta. Two years later Persib back in the final and suffered the defeat of Persis Solo. New in 1937, Persib managed to become champion in the final competition after avenge the defeat of the Right.

In Bandung at that time also had standing football clubs sponsored by the Dutch people namely Bandung & Omstreken Voetbal Bond (VBBO). This society is often looked down on Persib. It was as if a bevy Persib “second class”. VBBO often mocking Persib. It’s known games, held by Persib when it is often done on the outskirts of Bandung, such as Tegallega and Ciroyom. Society even when it would rather watch the match held VBBO. The location of the match was in the city of Bandung and certainly considered more prestigious, the two fields in the city center, UNI and SIDOLIG.

Persib won the “cold war” and the soccer association only for the people of Bandung and its surroundings. Clubs that had shelter under VBBO like UNI and SIDOLIG also joined Persib. Even VBBO (had to change into the PSBS as a strategy) and then submit all the usual pitch they use to compete namely UNI Field, Field SIDOLIG (now Stadium Persib), and Field SPARTA (now Stadium Siliwangi). This situation, of course, confirmed the existence Persib in Bandung.

When Indonesia fell to the Japanese, who sheltered bolaan persepak activity was stopped and her organization banned organization. This not only happens in Bandung, but also throughout the country. With the vacuum itself Persib experience. Moreover, the Japanese colonial government also established a new association that overshadow the sport when it Rengo Kai Tai Iku.

But as organizations struggle breathing, Persib simply not subject to the wishes of Japan. It officially changed its name Persib with the Japanese last name. But the fighting spirit, purpose and mission Persib as a means of struggle has not changed one bit.

During Revolution Physical, after Indonesia’s independence, Persib back to show their existence. The situation and conditions then forced Persib to not only exist in Bandung. But scattered in different cities, so there Persib in Tasikmalaya, Persib in Sumedang, and Persib in Yogyakarta. In those days warriors Siliwangi struggle moved to the capital of Yogyakarta.

New in 1948 Persib again stands in Bandung, the hometown of then raised him. Dutch Rongrongan come back, VBBO strived to live again by the Netherlands (NICA), although with a name Persib speak Indonesian as part of the strength of national struggle, of course, very vigorously trying to thwart that effort. During the occupation NICA, Persib re-established over the business, among others, doctors Moses, Munadi, H. Alexa, Rd. Sugeng with Chairman Munadi.

Persib struggle apparently succeeded, so that in Bandung, there is only one football club which is based on the spirit of nationalism Persib. For the purposes of organizational management, the 1950s is also recorded important events. In the period 1953-1957 was Persib moved around the end of its secretariat. Bandung mayor at that time R. Enoch, building on Cilentah Persib Secretariat. Before the end of efforts R. Soendoro, Persib managed to have a secretariat Persib which until now in the Road Gurame.

At that time a reputation as one of the champions Persib union competition began to be built. During the competition the union, Persib recorded once a champion as much as four times that in 1961, 1986, 1990, and at the last competition in 1994. Also Persib managed to become the second ranked team in 1950, 1959, 1966, 1983, and 1985.

Might Persib team is led by Robby Dervish at the last union competition continues with the success of their first embrace Indonesian League champions in 1995. Persib who was not able to penetrate reinforced the dominance of foreign players a team of ex Galatama team that dominated the preliminary round and placed seven teams in the round of eight. Persib eventually show up as a champion after defeating Petrochemicals Son through the goals that were created by Sutiono Lamso in the 76th minute.

Unfortunately after the champion, Persib achievement tends to decline. The climax occurred when they were almost relegated to Division I in 2003. Luckily, through the drama of the playoffs, blue-and-blue costumed teams managed to survive in the Main Division.

As a well known team, Persib also known as a club player who is often a contributor to the national team both junior and senior. A series of names such as Risnandar Soendoro, Nandar Iskandar, Adeng Hudaya, Heri Kiswanto, Adjat Sudradjat, Joseph Bachtiar, Dadang Kurnia, Robby Darwis, Budiman, Nur’alim, Yaris Riyadi to generation Erik Setiawan and Eka Ramdani is partly the result of the built Persib national team players. Until now Persib Bandung Indonesia is a team that could at least say Indonesia proud of achievements and abilities.
[Edit] Stadium and Mess
The main article for this section are: Stadium Siliwangi

Until now, Persib still using Si Starling Harupat Stadium to play a cage match. After previously using Siliwangi Stadium.

In the Indonesian Super League 2008/2009, Persib forced to leave the stadium after a riot when Siliwangi entertain Persija Jakarta in the second week. Plus the political situation is heating up due to the ongoing general elections of 2009, Bandung City Police no longer issue permits held a match at the Stadium Siliwangi for Persib. As an alternative, chosen Stadium The Starling Harupat, Soreang, Bandung regency, as a “home-base” until the end of the season.

Based on the problems that Bandung City Government plans to build new sports facilities, including stadiums, in the Highway area. The stadium itself, which was laying the first stone at the beginning of 2008, is projected to be home-base Persib and to organize the SEA Games in 2011. The stadium is also planned for use in West Java Porprov 2010. Currently, the planned stadium construction contracts would be named West Java this stage has been obtained by PT Adhi Karya Tbk with a value of Rp495, 945 billion. It is estimated, the construction of the stadium and it will take 883 days.

For the practice field, Persib use Persib Stadium on Jl. Ahmad Yani. The stadium formerly known as Sidolig Stadium was renovated since last year. Now at the stadium there are practice fields with new grass and ran track and there is next to the mess to the residence of the players and staff and for office Persib. In mid-July, held the second phase renovation plan, which is renovating the front of the stadium is now only a place shophouses selling t-shirts etc. Persib. This plan raises concerns for traders around the stadium Persib because they will not earn a living if their businesses are required to clear the land.

Since inaugurated, never leaks and collapsed due to a leaking water pipe. Not to mention the problem of dry grass field because terlamess persib already several times had problems. The roof of the VIP room in the mess it is often used. Lately roof leak caused the mess also the rainy season, causing slippery floors and disruption of activities. Location Persib Stadium located on Jl. Ahmad Yani who is the center of a crowd also makes the rest of the players the bobotoh disturbed and easy to get into the stadium.
[Edit] Achievements

One of the unique record of this team was when United won the football competition which was held for the last time, ie in 1993/1994. In the final match, which ditulang Persib-punggungi by players like Sutiono Lamso and Robby Dervish beat PSM Makassar. Galatama football competition and teams of the United in Indonesia later merged into Liga Indonesia (LI). In the match’s first LI competition in 1994/1995, Persib back incised record as a champion after the final game to beat Petrokimia Putra Gresik in which a single goal in the match scored by Sutiono. Persib is also one of Indonesia’s club reached the Champions League quarter-finals of Asia.



    * United

    Champion (5): 1937, 1961, 1986, 1990, 1994
    Runner-up (8): 1933, 1934, 1936, 1950, 1959, 1960, 1982/1983, 1984/1985


    * Cup Persija

    Champion (1): 1991

    * Kang Dada Cup

    Champion (1): 2008


    * Asian Champions League

    Quarter Final (1): 1995


Persib Bandung has a fan that spread throughout the provinces of West Java and Banten, even in almost all parts of Indonesia, given the historical record as a team the pride of the capital of West Java province. Persib fans call themselves as bobotoh. In the era of Indonesian League, bobotoh then organized themselves into groups such as the Viking Persib Persib lovers Club, Bomber, Rebolan, Jurig Persib, Casper and Persib-1337. Persib Viking Club has a very dark with a group of Liverpool supporters in Jakarta, The Jakmania. There have been many events or incidents that occurred due to lasting enmity of two hard-line supporters of this. Even the police and the PSSI and PT Indonesian League also had repeatedly asked the Viking and The Jak to make peace. However, there is absolutely no point of light to reconcile them. At Persib and Liverpool meet, usually the Polda Metro Jaya (if the match will be held at the Bung Karno) and the Polwiltabes Bandung (when the match will take place at the stadium or at the Stadium Si Siliwangi Starling Harupat) will think twice to remove permissions match because so much potential for unrest among supporters of both teams.

Sponsors Persib

    * ISL / Indonesian Cup 2009/2010 Season
          o Corsa
          o Yomart
          o Evalube
          o SOZZIS
          o Honda – Daya Adira Mustika
          o Bank Jabar-Banten

2010/2011 Squad

February 2011

Note: The flag shows the national team players in accordance with FIFA regulations. Players can only have more than one nationality.

No. Pos. Nama
55 Bendera Indonesia GK Cecep Supriatna
32 Bendera Indonesia GK Dadang Sudrajat
81 Bendera Indonesia GK Markus Haris Maulana
5 Bendera Indonesia DF Maman Abdurrahman
6 Bendera Kamerun DF Abanda Herman
4 Bendera Indonesia DF Wildansyah
25 Bendera Indonesia DF Isnan Ali
30 Bendera Indonesia DF Nova Arianto
22 Bendera Indonesia MF Siswanto
21 Bendera Indonesia MF Jejen Zaenal
12 Bendera Indonesia MF Gilang Angga Kusuma
13 Bendera Indonesia MF Muhammad Agung Pribadi
No. Pos. Nama
26 Bendera Indonesia MF Diaz Angga Putra
71 Bendera Indonesia MF Rendi Saputra
16 Bendera Indonesia MF Munadi
24 Bendera Indonesia MF Hariono
8 Bendera Indonesia MF Eka Ramdani
7 Bendera Indonesia MF Atep Rizal
11 Bendera Indonesia FW Rachmat Affandi
99 Bendera Indonesia FW Christian Gonzalez
9 Bendera Indonesia FW Airlangga Sucipto
10 Bendera Brasil FW Hilton Moreira
18 Bendera Jepang MF Shohei Matsunaga
58 Bendera Montenegro MF Miljan Radovic
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