Legendary Brazil Ronaldo: Simply The Best

The article is about Ronaldo of Brazil, his career highlights and achievements. The legendary artlcle based on the icon Brazil ronaldo.

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World cups all- time greatest goal scorer Brazil’s Ronaldo. What a world player he has been for more than a decade great goals from the legend. A former three- time world player of the year. Brazil Ronaldo has played in clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, PSV, now playing for Corinthians F.C.

He has had three big injuries during his fantastic career, But also he has made three big comebacks, currently made a comeback at Corinthians F.C. Simply a role model for all modern strikers today, if you have a look at what he has won and achieved in his career.

Probably the most entertaining striker for more than a decade after the great Diego Maredona. I remember watching him on telly when I was just a kid.

I used to watch the sierra league (Italian domestic league). He was that good I used support Inter Milan just for the sake of Brazil Ronaldo, back then he was playing for Inter Milan. (Inter Milan1997 to 2002).

I remember watching the highlights of the 1998 FiFa world cup final between France and Brazil, he definitely had a problem he could not perform at his best.

During the 2006 world cup in Germany, talks were about him being too fat, some of his biggest critics said he was past his best, He answered his critics by becoming the greatest all time world cup goal scorer with fifteen goals, beating Gerd Muller’s record.

Anyway we know what an awesome player he is and still is. Personally I hope he make’s it to the world cup 2010 in South Africa. Currently the Brazil coach Dunga has left him out of the squad as fellow Brazil team mate Ronaldinho has also been left out. Brazil Ronaldo has told media he would like to take part again in a world cup hopefully 2010 in South Africa if Dunga picks him of course. We will find out if he plays any part in the coming world cup in South Africa. If it had not been for injuries maybe he would become the greatest all time player of the year, France picked him in the all time France greatest team, also made it in the FiFa 100 greatest players. Buffon the most expensive goal keeper in the world said that he used to win games by himself had he been a bit lucky with injuries he would have become the greatest player in history.

Thank you all for reading this article on the famous Brazil Ronaldo, the real Ronaldo of Brazil.

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  1. richardson mwape
    Posted December 4, 2009 at 5:14 am

    brazils ronaldo is truly the greatest striker of all time.He is a player that combines great speed, considerable accucracy, tremendous balance, clinical finishing and amazing goal scoring instincts.At his prime, and at his best, he could fire on all cylinders. This is the very reason as to why he is a role model to modern strikers like Nicholas Anelka, Benzema, Pato, Fabiano and many more.I believe he still has some steam to make it at the 2010 world back. He is still a matador and makes scoring easy and has proved in the eyes of many soccer fanatics out there that he can beat any DEFENDER in the world.

  2. Posted September 15, 2010 at 4:08 pm

    I think Ronaldo is a great player and great man .. ,(he falls in love just like me (( and many other players …

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