Jack Wilshere Must Forget His Dream in Euro Cup

One of talented player maybe can`t play in Euro cup 2012.

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I think if we are talking as football lovers, it was not good news i think..Iam not Arsenal FC fans, but i must admit that Jack Wilshere is one of the young talented player from England..England must be lucky had him..

But the long injured from Jack Wilshere come again and push this player did not play for Arsenal since the earlier this season..

Jack Wilshere Picture

But Wenger and the medical staff of Arsenal believes that their player can play for England in Euro cup, when their prediction Jack Wilshere can play in last 3 match of Arsenal for preparing before Euro cup..

But the report launch that now Arsene wenger had confirmed, it is impossible for Jack Wilshere playing in Euro cup 2012..

Arsene wenger said that Jack wilshere is frustrated when knowing that he had no chance for playing in Euro cup 2012…the progress of the recovery injured (Jack Wilshere) is so slow and it is impossible for believing there are miracle for that recovery…But the age of Jack wilshere is still young..He can participate in next Euro cup 2012 ..(Remember, he was born in January 1, 1992, so he was still 20 years old)..

It was same with Giuseppe Rossi (Italy), where the news said that Rossi too must say Goodbye to Euro Cup..What a pity..

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