Interesting and Fun Soccer Facts

Football trivia, both interesting and fun.

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The game of soccer has a number of interesting facts. There are so many facts about the game that it would take a lifetime to cover them all. A lot will likely be well known, but a number are more secret.

For example one interesting fact about the strength of European football compared to the rest, is the fact that European teams have reached the final of every World Cup barring 1950 and 1930. So you can forget about Brazil’s 5 World Cups, and Argentina’s 2. The European teams generally have made the competition their own.

On the subject of Brazil, their most famous player is called Pele. Or is he? The fact is, that the greatest footballer of his generation is actually named: Edson Arantes do Nascimento. Pele is his nickname, not his real name!

The World Cup has seen many players sent off. But would you believe that it took until 1974 for the first player to be sent off? Carlos Caszely of Chile has the dubious honour of receiving the first red card. Now, it is unheard of to have a World Cup without a few red cards.

Moving away from the World Cup, the first televised soccer match was? Well, it was an Arsenal practise match at the Highbury ground in 1937. An historic fact, considering the importance of TV to the sport.

The immense popularity of soccer in South America is highlighted when you consider the number: 199,854. It is a fact that this is the record attendance at a soccer match, that being the 1950 World Cup game between Uraguay and Brazil in the Maracana Stadium.

Sportsmanship in soccer is something we like to see. And the perfect example of this came from Sir Stanley Matthews, who never received a red card in 33 years of playing the game professionally. If only all players had facts like that.

Indeed another notable fact is that the most cautions in any World Cup stands at 345 in 64 matches, in 2006. And this from the most recent World Cup! Players need to take note of Sir Stan.

Ever seen your team take a beating? Not just a beating, a real beating. Do take note of the game between Arbroath and Bon Accord in 1885. Arbroath won by 36-0, and set the record for biggest victory in professional football. A fact that Bon Accord would like to forget.

One final thing, that should not be forgotten, is the fact that the game of soccer is called football in countries outside America. So much for the soccer title then!

Still, football trivia and facts are very interesting and can be comical. They can tell us a good deal about the game, such as who the strongest football continent is, and can point to trends within the game. They should not be ignored, and facts like Sir Stans deserve recognition.

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