How to Subscribe to Your Admired Soccer Team’s Apple Cup Agenda in Google Calendar

How To Subscribe to Your Admired Soccer Team’s Apple Cup Agenda in Google Calendar.

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FIFA Football Apple cup, one of the better antic contest in the apple is starting today (June 11) in South Africa. In this accident 32 countries will action for the cup till 11th of July. If you wish to watch the matches again there are assorted websites to watch the FIFA Apple Cup accident reside on the internet.

And, if you wish to apperceive about the agenda of your admired soccer aggregation again you could do it calmly in Google calendar. You can subscribe to your admired team’s agenda in a new agenda and set up reminders so that you don’t absence a match.

Here’s how to do it.

Login to your Google agenda account. On the larboard pane, bang on “Add” link. Select “Browse Interesting Calendars” from the ambience menu.

Now move on to Sports tab. Here you’ll acquisition assorted sports. Bang on Soccer link.

Now bang on the FIFA Apple Cup accident from the account of events.

Here you will acquisition a account of the teams. Bang on Subscribe hotlink accustomed next to the name of your admired country. You can aswell subscribe to added than one team.

Now go aback to Google calendar. Bang on the name of country on the larboard area which you subscribed in the antecedent steps. You’ll get the apple cup agenda of that aggregation on the calendar.

In this way you can subscribe to your admired soccer aggregation Apple cup schedule. Aswell you can subscribe to accessible holidays.

Setting Up Reminders

Setting up reminders is a bit tricky. You’ll accept to archetype anniversary accident (football match) to your agenda and again adapt accident data to set reminders.

Once I affected the aloft accident to my calendar, I could adapt accident data and add reminders. I wasn’t able to acquisition a way out of accomplishing it at already for all the contest in the series, or artful the absolute agenda to one of my calendars. If you apperceive of such a method, do allotment it in the comments.

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