Hollywood: 10 Disasters The Sun. Among The Most Unsuccessful Tanning

Tanned skin is very attractive, but difficult to acquire. And as the lack of free time or money, not many can afford vacations in exotic places to enjoy the sun, many resort to artificial tanning. But not successful in all cases. Here the artificial bronze unsuccessful.

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Christina Aguilera

Talented singer and she tried to look more … dark. But without success …

Cristiano Ronaldo

A talented and successful player in women. This could be characterized Cristiano Ronaldo. Love for fans, star goes and solar.

Paris Hilton

She is very cute blonde image. But and it also gives misfires.

Katie Price

Katie Price is certainly part of the most ardent fans of artificial tanning. There were many cases in which excessive …

Tom Jones

In an attempt to preserve as much as look young singer he did a few blunders.

Tara Reid

The actress is known for his bronze exaggerated. Recent photographs show but that Tara Reid has left it easy to tanning solarium.

Donatella Versace

When we say horrible bronze, Donatella comes to mind. But celebrity is not going to drop copper color that she thinks a favorable.

Jennifer Lopez

There are few mistakes about the image that made the singer. Here is one of them!


Only the family knows the true skin color. The famous Italian designer chooses love tanned skin and a tan like that of a good fried chicken.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Least bronze does not hurt, but in this picture, former governor of California was out of line.

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