Abaout handball.

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“All of my six EHF Women’s Champions League titles were different but this one is great; to win it on home ground and with the home team.

“We were very confident we would win the match today, but Györ were on the same level as us – we will now celebrate for two days.

“We did something great, we won the EHF Women’s Champions League trophy. We have worked diligently, there was criticism on the way to the Final, but all the girls resisted to all that, they showed character, and proved nothing could stop them to win a big trophy.

“There is a lot of talking about my retirement, and this is the most beautiful way to finish my career. In the past 10 years I have won seven or eight trophies and it’s time to retire. All those clubs who invest so much from year to year now can reach the title. It’s not fair that many clubs invest so much, and they can not win anything.

“I think luck is really by my side, knowledge is probably not, but somehow I always take trophies and I am thankful for this fortune, I hope that happiness will remain here, with this club”.

“They would do it every year. It feels good when someone wants you, but when I returned to Budućnost, I had my goals and announced that I would stay for two years. I said that the first season will be very difficult, and we made it to the semifinals, which I think was a great success. This season, with some newcomers, Maja Savić, Dragana Cvijić and Clara Woltering, we won a title. We have matured. I’ll keep my promise, because I fulfilled my mission and now it’s time for me to devote to my family”.

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