Grimsby Table Tennis League 2011-2012 End of Season Roundup

“As it says on the tin…”

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(Picture is of Andrew Baggaley from Wiki Commons)

A few weeks back, NALGO D (Roger Deboick, Brian Ashwell and Mo Kayali) thrashed my team Nemesis in the Cup Semi Final. Mo did particularly well in a great team effort. But better was to come. They then beat the solid looking NALGO F (John Jupp, Phil Sharpe, John Cooper) by 12 points in The Final. Had I put money on that result I would have lost! So it turned out my team lost to the eventual winners.

The Men’s Veterans Tournament had another good turnout. In the Final Mick Thornley beat John Hancock. Both are former multi-Men’s Title winners. In my group I thought I played okay against defending champion Ian Pooler. I even coped with last year’s runner up Brian Allison (of the long pimples combination bat) for a couple of games before my brain ceased in the third game. Improving Paul Heald was far too strong for me after winning the Second Division Championship with his team. Paul did very well against Brian, taking a game off him (or two?) without seemingly realising he was up against a combination bat!

In The “Divisionals” Sean Ward took the First Division Individual Title, beating John Hancock in the final. Nick Borst took the Division Two crown, defeating Tom Marland. Paul Heald helped knock out the talented Steve Carter: a major shock in the group stage.

In my Third Division group I lost for the first time to Alan Warton (0-3). Then I nearly beat Leo Tsang, but ended up losing out 10-12 in the fifth! So I was out. Leo beat my team-mate Brian Lomas in the semi. Meanwhile Leo’s team-mate Billy Wong won the other semi (a dynamic match) against Alan. To be honest I thought Leo would win the final, as Billy had broken his playing hand just a few weeks earlier. Billy won the final.

Division Four was a Round Robin won by Phil Sharpe, with team-mate John Jupp second.

The End of Season Handicap was most enjoyable. In the final former Men’s Champion Ben Anderson beat Russell Hayes (Division 1). Ben’s only defeat was by my good self in the opening group (2-1). I played off 9 and Ben off -2, and we played to 23. To be honest playing Ben was like being in a blitz. But my blocking got me the points required.

I do wonder what Julie Sleight from Division Four thought as she watched Ben and I prior to playing us both. She did quite well and took the second game off me with some good hitting from short-range (near the net).

I beat Julie and Dorothy Fuller (Division 2) (3-0) to top the group. Then in the knockout phase I came back against Stewart Dean (Division 2) to win 2-1. In the Quarter Final my recent nemesis Eileen Allison (Division 3) beat me 21-20 in the third! In the Semis Eileen fell to a most impressive display of spin-serving by Russell Hayes. Even her long-pimples couldn’t save her from those wicked serves. Russell showed that if you’ve got it, use it! Sadly Men’s Champion Sean Ward didn’t take part on this occasion.

So ended a decent season. All being well I look forward to competing in Division Two this autumn onwards. That will be time for me to really knuckle down to business. I will have to find my best game and stick to it. Just play for every point. Cannot envisage much scope for experimentation. The Grimsby Second Division is a tough competition. Nuff Said. Out.

Paul Butters

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