French Wags Grim, Shakira Rocked Stay

Two national teams favorites to win Euro 2012 to meet early in the quarter-finals. Spain is entitled to step into the semifinals after beating France 2-0 in the Donbass Arena, Ukraine, Saturday, June 23, 2012 or early Sunday morning when Indonesia.

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Lover Gerard Pique, Shakira

Practically, the French national team have to lift the retainer luggage faster. So also with thewives and lovers (WAGs) who attended to give support directly. When Les Bleus squad plagued by disappointments, WAGs as role is to remove it.

Tatiana Golovin

Tatiana Golovin Beloved Manchester City midfielder, Samir Nasri, was oncethe top players currently ranked 12 of the world in 2008. Currently, he is no longer activeas a professional tennis player because of inflammation in the lower back.

Golovin’s greatest achievementsduring his career was the 2004 Open trophy France won in mixed doubles with his partner, Richard Gasquet. Meanwhile, as a single player, top notch 24 year old virgin achieved when the U.S. Open 2006.

At that time, Golovin reached the quarter-finals. However, themove stalled after the defeat of the Russian beauty tennis player, Maria Sharapova. Currently, this Moscow-born girlhas a tough task that is so entertaining Nasri emotional faces reporters after the defeat of Spain.

Wahiba Belhami Bayern Munich winger’s wife, Franck Ribery, it works as a real housewife. Beautiful woman with long hair are French nationals, but was born in Algeria.

No wonder the last Ribery converted to Islam under the name Yusuf Mohammed Bilal since 2005. The couple has three children, two girls namely Hizya (7 years) and Shaninez (4 years), and a man named Seif (9 months).

Household and Wahiba Ribery was struck by “storm” when the rumor spread underage prostitution scandal, in 2010. Ribery reportedly paid the girl of Moroccan origin, Zahia Dehar,by 2,000 pounds to have sex. However, to date, and Wahiba Ribery is still together.

Wahiba and Ribery

Grief enveloped France, contrary to Spain. Euphoria of the victory of Vicente del Bosque made by the team was also felt by the WAGs. They keptinjecting the spirit of La Furia Roja to the ambitious retain the title.

Casillas and Carbonero

Sara Carbonero Real Madrid goalkeeper fiance, Iker Casillas, Spain is one of the most famous WAG. This beautiful virgin 28 years worked as a television presenter and sports journalist.

On July 2009, Carbonero has been named “The Sexiest Reporter in the World” (World’s Sexiest Reporter) U.S. version ofFHM magazine. Dark-haired girl’s name is becoming popular at the 2010 World Cup.

Although serving as a journalist,was then considered the presence Carbonero bring harmto Casillas. Especially when Spaindefeated Switzerland 0-1 in Group H. However, when Team Matador’s undisputed champion.

Not long ago, Carbonero again become the target of criticism when Spain silencing the Republic of Ireland 4-0 in Group C Euro 2012. Not a few of the Twitter users question the journalist’s knowledge of football.

Pique and Shakira

Shakira Beloved Barcelona defender Gerard Pique, is certainly knownas the first Latin pop singer. Sexy women born in Colombia is growing in popularity after having an affair with Pique sinceearly 2011.

Shakira and Pique introductions began when the 2010 World Cup. Women 35 years was askedto sing the official song of four annual football party, entitled “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)”.

Unfortunately, the news is not tasty helped paint a love story of two lovers. Pique claimed to cause breakup Shakira and de la Rua Antoni that has existed for 11 years.

Nagore Aramburu Xabi Alonso’s wife seems to be aWAG Spain’s most proud of. Therefore, the two-goal victoryover the French Matador Team powered by Real Madrid’s senior quarterback. Alonso at the same time fulfill-100 appearances for the national team.

The couple already have two children, Jon and Anne. Aramburu has always been faithful to accompany Alonso playing in any club. Including when the midfielder was born 30 years ago moved to England to join Liverpool, during 2004-09.

Besides taking care of their twohearts, Aramburu also filled witha flurry of back to school. He majored in Entrepreneurial Management and for planning to run a fashion business.

Alonso and Nagore

In the semifinal round of Euro 2012, Spain will face Portugal in the middle of next week. Earlier,in the quarter-finals, Portugal beat the Czech Republic with the score 1-0. Goals mere puppet Seleccao das Quinas is presented Cristiano Ronaldo.

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