Football Players are Still Though in The Old Age

Age is not the reason for the athletes to shine. Though in old age will reduce the physical ability and stamina, but this football athletes can still shine and give the best for the club. The following players are old age, but have excellent contribution to his club.

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1. A. Del Piero (37th)

Alessandro Del Piero (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

He was the golden boy of Juventus. At the age of 37 years he was a key player for 

Juventus. The coach Antonio Conte and former teammate was also considered important the role of Del Piero in the field. And it proved that in his goal2 are very important for his team

2. Ryan Giggs (37th)

Ryan Giggs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Although at his age that have been 37th, but Giggs is still a good fitness. The coach Alex Ferguson had already said that Giggs is still capable of playing a bbrp until next year. Former colleague Gary Neville his first team was saying that Giggs is still capable of playing up an age 40th.

3. Paul Scholes (37th) 

Having previously retired, and in mid-season 2011/2012 is recalled by Sir Alex Ferguson to help Man Utd player’s injury crisis. And the results are disappointing. Paul Scholes played outstanding in the various games. Passing2 his master he is able to accurately make the center of Field. 

4.David Beckham (36th) 

Former Man Utd and Real Madrid is one of the players who earn the biggest in the world. He also helped his club LA Galaxy win 2011 MLS cup.

5.Totti (35th) 

Totti is still a Roman prince. Dedication during many years for AS Roma can be very proud of him. Totti is one of the legends of the creative player.

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    Interesting article!

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    Interesting, in Canada we call this soccer, football here is totally different

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