FIFA World Cup Championship 2018 in Russia, 2022 Qatar

FIFA World Cup Championship will be held in Russia. World Championship 2022 will take Qata. These results today announced several days ago in Zurich, FIFA President Sepp Blatter at a ceremony announcing the winners at the headquarters of the football organization.

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FIFA World Cup Championship in 2018 will be held in Russia. World Cup Championship 2022 will take Qatar. These results today announced several days ago in Zurich, FIFA President Sepp Blatter at a ceremony announcing the winners at the headquarters of the football organization.

Today, 2 December, at the headquarters of FIFA in Zurich was the final qualifying round of countries claiming to hold the World Cup in 2018 and 2022. For the first time in the history of the application on two championship should be addressed simultaneously. Recall that the right to host the World Cup Championship in 2018 claimed four applications: Netherlands with Belgium, Spain and Portugal, England and Russia. For the right to take FM-2022 fought the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Qatar and Australia.

The Russian delegation, which shall consist of 30 people at the final presentation of the application represented by First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov, a businessman Roman Abramovich, football player Andrey Arshavin.

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Making a presentation, Russia stated that if a country gets the right to host the World Cup Championship in 2018, any fan who will get the ticket for the match, will be able to without a visa to enter the territory of our country. Russia has also spoken about the readiness to fulfill all the requirements of FIFA for the placement of fans and guests of the World Cup Championship. After that, viewers saw a demo with the main character a boy named Sasha. It tells of his journey across the country, against the backdrop of the Russian open spaces and achievements of our science and culture. Journey ends in Moscow, Luzhniki stadium. Leaving the field to replace, he scores the ball from the penalty stroke. Further, the presentation describes the Russian cities that could host the championship, in particular, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Kazan.

Spain-Portugal in their video presentation made a bet on a good football infrastructure, the presence of the biggest stadiums in Europe and showed the city that meet the requirements of FIFA. Holland-Belgium made a bet on the leader’s charisma and Guus Hiddink’s success and popularity of the Dutch national team. British Prime Minister, speaking at the presentation, to provide state guarantees for various levels, including the commercial benefits of holding the championship in his country, appropriate level of law enforcement, transportation, and filled stadiums.

Recall that the selection of countries housewives championship in 2018, this time was marked by a scandal surrounding the FIFA officials. The British media have accused officials of the Federation of corruption. In particular, they agreed for 3.2 million dollars to support the U.S. proposal to hold the World Cup Championship in 2018. The experts noted that the corruption scandal, bloated by the British media, may affect the country’s chances to take the World Cup Championship 2018. Among the main contenders for the World Cup Championship while conducting a joint Bid Committee expressed Spain and Portugal and even Russia.

Meanwhile, the scandal did not affect the objective assessment of the economic potential of England. On the eve of a vote of 22 members of FIFA, which decided the fate of future FIFA World Cup Championship, was sent a report to assess the economic potential of the candidate countries. Championships held in England and the United States, will show the best financial results, described in the document.

Countries are scored on five criteria that may affect the profitability of the event: sponsorship deals, ticket sales, hospitality, licensing, and the media. Maximum 100-percent rating were Britain and the USA. Russia also received the lowest rating among the contenders for the tournament in 2018 – 86%. Spain / Portugal received 91%, Netherlands / Belgium – 87%. At the same time Britain was one hundred percent rating for all five parameters. The greatest gap between the two countries was recorded in the parameter “hospitality”: 100% England vs. 56% in Russia.

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