Cristiano Ronaldo, Kaka, and Ribery: Football Out of Control?

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Anyone who watches football will know who Cristiano Ronaldo is… In fact… EVERYONE in the world probably knows who Cristiano Ronaldo is. The same goes for Kaka, and also Frank Ribery.

I think it is fair to say Real Madrid “always get their man” as they used to say… and they were right.

They mentioned earlier this week that Ronaldo and Manchester United had already agreed on a deal with Ronaldo back in December 2008! they agreed to let him go in the summer through a clause in his contract which would let him off on “Gentlemens leave”.. sounds like rubbish really, but there you go.

He is set to go now though, and how good it is to see him go, while still it is a shame that he will no longer be playing in the Premier League.

Kaka – One of the worlds greatest players. Played for the best clubs in the world, as well as playing for his National side (Brazil) and establishing himself as a key player in the team. He was ready to go to Madrid before Ronaldo was, and him going probably confirmed it for Ronaldo to go too. These two great players playing together is going to be incredible to watch, watching them tearing through defenses. I would not like to be playing in La Ligué for the 09/10 season!!!

But then we also have Frank Ribery, Bayern Münich’s star man. Speculation of him going for £70-£75m… RIDICULOUS money to be spending! And now to my main point – WAGES.

It is outrageous now that players are being paid so much, I think so anyway. Ronaldo esepcially as he is ignorant, arrogant and selfish.. maybe that is why we love him? I don’t know. Kaka is more modest and apreciative of what he has, same goes for Ribery. They will all be on wages of around €150 – €250,000 a week… WHAT!??!

I think there is plent of room for debate here and would like to know what other people are thinking about this insane bit of business taking part here.

I think Real Madrid are well on their way to being the best team in the world again, and La Ligué is on its way to taking the crown from English football as being the most competitive and physically demanding leage to play in, although the two countries play different styles, the English game in my eyes is still going to be tougher.

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