Cristiano Ronaldo is Dead

Cristiano Ronaldo the Real Madrid star Is Dead.

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Yes Cristiano  Ronaldo is Dead excited that he is going to feature on the Hot Content page of Triond. After all this is what you have to do to make the Hot Content page write that a celebrity is Dead. Cristiano will feature amongst pop sensation Lady Gaga and Macaulay Culkin who is not Dead even though is career seems to be. He will also feature with Shaq O’Neal the NBA basketball legend that apparently died in a truck accident the other day. None of this is true but it is Dead set to become an article what people will look at just because of the title. I’m sure there are plenty of sick people out there that would wish the information to be true as well. However Ronaldo is Dead yes Dead good at taking free kicks at football and he will continue to do this for a long while to come. He will be Dead set on becoming a legend in the beautiful game of football. So he will lie amongst Lady Gaga, Macaulay Culkin, and Shaq O’Neal in this sham of fake Death Articles. 

Ronaldo was frustrated last night not because of been written about been Dead. It was because Real Madrid were held to a nil nil draw with Mallorca in their first game of the La Liga season. Already Real Madrid are on the back foot after one game. Barcelona winning 3 goals to nil away at Racing Santander. It is going to be decided by the games between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Ronaldo will be dead set on making sure Real Madrid can overtake Barcelona this season. He will also be Dead set on becoming the world player of the year and beating his La Liga rival Leo Messi who once again was sensational for Barcelona last night. So Ronaldo is Dead set on a lot of things but he aint Dead in the word of been lifeless.

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  1. Posted August 30, 2010 at 8:13 am

    Haha great article! Your learning the online writing buisness I see! I should do a few articles about how the queen died, george w bush, some rappers, and how a bus exploded killing 50 people…my article count would go through the roof then! haha


  2. Posted August 30, 2010 at 9:26 am

    I can see why people actually do it. Just for the sake that it is that easy to rope people in to viewing the article. My only worry is that by Christmas time on Triond we are going to have every Celebrity in the world Dead lol.

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