Comparing India’s Two Cricket World-cup Coup

Can we rank Kapil Dev’s achievement higher than that of Dhoni?

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Comparing India’s Two Cricket World-Cup Coup

First it was pulled off in the year 1983 and now the coup has come after 28 years in 2011. Mahendra Singh Dhoni the leader of triumphant Indian team has been highly praised for his effort which he deserved as well. Kapil Dev, one of the finest all rounder India has ever produced led the victorious Indian team in the year 1983. In this article I am going to evaluate the two triumphs on the basis of 5 factors and come to a conclusion about which victory should be ranked higher than the other. It is my own permutations and combinations, but I hope it would bring out a flaxen conclusion.

Now the factors that I am going to consider are:

1.    Venue (Playing in home or away).

2.    Opponents in the series decider (Final Match).

3.    Performance during preliminary matches in the world cup.

4.    Presence of a genuine all-rounder in the team.

5.    Presence of a legendary player.

On the basis of the above mentioned factors I will come to a conclusion whether the 1983 triumph can be ranked higher than recent 2011 triumph.

First point goes in errand of Kapil Dev (1983) team as they achieved the milestone in foreign soil (England), whereas Dhoni and company had registered the victory in their home ground.

Dhoni and company lose another point when we evaluate the strength of the opponent teams they met in the series decider. India played against a formidable Srilankan team in the final match of 2011 world-cup on the other Kapil Dev and his team played against so called giants of the cricketing world, during 1980’s, the Vivian Richard’s team Westindies. Srilanka cannot be considered as an easy opponent but at the same time can never be compared with the awesome Westindians, a team which people referred to as a power-house of cricket during 1980’s.

Indian team’s performance in the preliminary matches in 1983 world cup was quite good as they lost just 2 out of the 6 matches they played. India once had to endure a 162 runs defeat from the Australians and Westindies got the better of the Indians as they defeated India by 66 runs. In the recently concluded world cup India played six matches during preliminary stages winning 4, lost a match against South-Africa and had a awe-inspiring tie against England. So, even in this case Kapil’s team get the point as they lost two matches compared to one lose by Dhoni’s team.

This time around Dhoni get’s a point for not having a genuine all-rounder while in 1983 world-cup the captain Kapil Dev himself was more than genuine all rounder and he proved his all-round capabilities during a match against Zimbabwe when he single handily took the game in India’s basket. He scored an unbeaten 175 runs against Zimbabwe when India were almost on the brink of a defeat.

Again Dhoni has to suffer the presence of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar who is undoubtly a legendary cricketer. So the score is Kapil 4 and Dhoni just 1.

Hence the 1983’s victory came against all the odds, it does not mean that the 2011 triumph was not hard fought or came with ease. It was overwhelming as well but no close to the unpredictable victory in 1983. Nice work and cheers to the Indian cricketer’s for bringing the glory back.

Keep it up Dhoni and company.

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