City Win Premier League – with Difficulty!

Typical City – they just can’t do anything the easy way. After a 44 year wait they have won the Premier League holding off United who chased them down to the last whistle.

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The huge investment made by City’s owners has paid off and they have won the Premier League – with a goal scored in injury time.

It looked as if United may have emerged winners after all. They were winning at Sunderland and for most of the second half City were behind 2 – 1. Seasoned City fans were thinking back to the Gypsy’s curse made years ago which seems to have brought them half a century of bad luck.

Even though Queens Park Rangers were down to 10 men they were holding City off and defending their 2 – 1 lead grimly. Then Dzeko scored a priceless goal from a Silva corner. Finally with City hearts pounding Aguero coolly slotted one in with just a minute of injury time remaining.

Many times over the years United have snatched victory right at the death. This time it was snatched away from them by the Argentinian who has proved one of the buys of the season.

So United manager Ferguson has given up his crown as top dog in Manchester and many are predicting that the tide has turned. City have the resources and a rare manager in Mancini who has kept his head, out-playing Ferguson as he constantly tried his mind games of psychological warfare.

From the turn of the year as it became obvious that the Premier League Championship was a two team race between the two Manchester sides the United camp have been shouting that their experience of the pressure would see them through.

Instead their boasts have turned against them. They are the ones who have cracked, losing an 8 point lead as City just kept on winning, while United faltered. 

Ferguson will now feel the heat, however much he may deny it. He has constantly refused to criticise the Glazer family who bought United – on borrowed money. Ever since they have taken huge amounts out of the club – leaving Ferguson short of funds to buy top quality players. He insists this is not the case – results show the opposite.

City can rely on owners who will put money into the club instead of using it as a cash cow. Maybe Ferguson will finally have to admit the owners have let him down. Or is he too worried about keeping his job?×1izbLn7NE

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  1. blue moon
    Posted May 13, 2012 at 4:38 pm

    come on you blues!

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