Chelsea Boss Andre Villas-boas Goes in Another Mega Million Sacking! is Mourinho on The Way?

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has struck again and sacked his manager. Villas-Boas was given less than a season to prove himself – after Abramovich spent $17M to sign him.

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Roman Abramovich expects results and quickly. He’s not afraid to throw mega millions at his hobby club Chelsea but his continual interference is not helping to win trophies.

Last season he spent around $35M in firing Italian Coach Ancelotti. His sin was not winning a trophy that season so he went – even though the previous season he had won the coveted Premier League Championship and FA Cup Double.

Abramovich’s real ambition is to win the European Champions League but the closest he has come is losing in the final to big rivals Manchester United.

He will never win it by continually changing managers. Continuity is the key and Abramovich has never given his managers the chance to stick in there and win the big one. He has hired a succession of the biggest names in soccer management including Mourinho, Scolari and Ancelotti. Villas-Boas won four big trophies last season with Portuguese side Porto but that means nothing when you are working for hire and fire Roman.

The biggest mistake Abramovich made was in firing Mourinho who won the Premier League in his first season, then again, together with the FA Cup.

It wasn’t enough for the Russian billionaire who was also irritated by Mourinho’s public profile which made it seem as if the club was all about him.

Recent headlines have been about Mourinho again as he has been spotted house hunting in London. He has denied being interested in the Chelsea job – but that must be a possibility.

Player Power   

Andre Villas-Boas has fallen victim to player power. Long time Chelsea favourite Frank Lampard has not been a regular choice to start games this season and he’s not happy. He has let that be known and the tabloids have been on the case ever since. Now it seems as if he may have got his way – and the manager has been sacrificed. But there will still be trouble in the camp because centre back Luiz who was signed by Villas-Boas and has been playing well recently gave an interview in which he said Lampard should keep quiet and get on with it. The team was more important than any single player.

All very true – but this is Lampard – a proven goal scoring midfielder and Chelsea hero.

Once thing is certain. If Mourinho does arrive – Lampard will be in the team.

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  1. Posted March 4, 2012 at 6:02 pm

    Yeah – jose Mourinho sure loves Lampard. So do I for that matter. Great newsworthy article. Loved it.

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