Casillas: “We are Our Biggest Rivals”

The doorman admitted that "will not be easy to retain the title of European champions. All teams know how to play and study us." He said the injuries Puyol and Villa are "a blow".

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Iker Casillas, the Spanish captain, lamented the low Carles Puyol and David Villa for Euro 2012, “two very strong low”, and assumed the patronage of the ‘Red’ stating that they are his “biggest rival”.

Casillas appeared before the media relaxed, away from the stress and pressure experienced in the Real Madrid until the conquest of the League. Long answer and a message from captain to mourn the losses in the way of the injured Puyol and Villa. The captain knows that ever going to be harder to win.

“It’s not easy to validate the title of European champions. All teams know how to play Spain, we studied more than before because we are the first power level selections. We have earned it. For our rivals is its great game,” he analyzed.

“I do not care what sport, because this team has plenty of game. Yes mentally. Our main rival can be ourselves. Depends on the enthusiasm, desire, effort that we put to back win. We have the experience of winning World Championships and players to give again a great joy, “he added.

Casillas was not critical of the situation in the Spanish, the only one that still has all his players because he disputed the Cup final “is different and the ability to coach people to get to know and youth who deserve to have the opportunity with the absolute. “

And among these young people ensures that there are collateral substitutes to fill the gaps. “Injuries have been a blow, both Puyol as Guaje. This team has players qualified for the position and we believe can be remedied but they are two very heavy casualties.”

Casillas will not use an excuse no matter what happens in Poland and Ukraine have a distinct Euro preparing the rest. “If Spain makes a worthy and important role in winning the title we will remember not the preparation of the Euro. If, however, do not do good job we remind ourselves that we have not prepared the finals as other teams.”

“It’s a different concentration, does not make it worse. A train to the Cup final and another with the selection. There is no getting around because all members of the selection we’ve known for some time. The block remains in the four years “he said.

Finally, comparing the triumph of Chelsea in the Champions League football to be found Spain with rivals that are enclosed and seek to harm the counterattack and set pieces, Efe reported.

“In football you can play a thousand different ways. At Chelsea he can be accused of not playing defense and good football semifinal and final but European champion and something must be done to get the title, you do not know why but something has done. face Spain all teams know that if they fight and fight and take advantage of set pieces actions may have options. We will continue dying in our ideas and our way of playing that gives us off, “he said.

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