Camp Nou Stadium Seating Plan

Camp Nou is the largest football stadium in Europe and home to FC Barcelona. It has a capacity of 99,354 seats, listed below is a seating plan for this impressive stadium.

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The Camp Nou stadium was built between 1954 and 1957 and was officially opened on the 24th of September 1957, The first match to be played was between FC Barcelona and a selection of players from the city of Warsaw, This new stadium had replaced Barcelona’s previous ground which was called Campo de Les Corts which could hold 60,000 supporters yet was still too small for the growing amount of FC Barcelona fans, the stadium was initially called Estadi del FC Barcelona, but was soon referred to as Camp Nou (New Stadium) by its fans, In 2001 the club officially changed the name of the stadium to Camp Nou,

Ticket Information

If tickets remain for any particular game they can be bought at the gates of the stadium on the day of the match, FC Barcelona averages attendances of around 70,000-80,000, which means that for many matches this is the case and tickets will be available, plus many Barcelona season ticket holders “free” their seat 48 hours before the game, so even if a match had been previously sold out it may make sense to check availability again one or two days before the match to see what may be available, tickets for the match against Real Madrid is a high profile and very sought after game that can only be bought by Barcelona members.

Barcelona divides its home games in 8 different pricing categories. most tickets fall into one of four (A-D) categories, but prices are higher for Real Madrid (A++), Espanyol, (A+), Atlético Madrid (A+), and certain Champions League matches, the prices are lower for early round Copa del Rey matches.

The cheapest tickets available are for the most-upper ring which are priced at €19.00 for category D matches and €55.00 for category A matches, other tickets range from €29.00 to €77.00 for category D matches and €67.00 to €146.00 for category A matches,

Travel Advice

There are various metro stations that are close to the ground which is one of the easiest ways to get to the stadium, You can either take line 3 from the city centre and get off at Les Corts (or Maria Christina or Palau Reial), It’s a 25-minute ride and 10-minute walk to the stadium. or alternatively take line 5 (which passes by the Sagrada Familia) and get off at either Badal or Collblanc, yet again it’s a 10-minute walk to the stadium.

The Image above shows some away supporters being held back after a Champions League match

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    The images at the bottom page are from a Champions League match which was between Barcelona and Manchester United that ended 0-0 back in April 2008

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    This looks like an amazing stadium for one of the worlds greatest football teams :)

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