Ancini Did Not Believe in Balotelli

"No, I do not believe Mario. Nobody believes Mario,” said Mancini told the BBC last Sport. ancini did not believe in Balotelli.

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ancini did not believe in Balotelli, Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini admits he does not believe Mario Balotelli, but still will play the Italian striker eccentric.

ancini did not believe in Balotelli,
“No, I do not believe Mario. Nobody believes Mario,” said Mancini told the BBC last Sport.Rabu series of photographs that illustrate the tension between Mancini with Balotelli in City training complex, Carrington, scattered.

But Mancini seeks to dampen the atmosphere even though he claimed not to know what to do with the 21-year-old striker.

Roberto Mancini (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

” He’s a good player,” said Mancini.

” He can do anything. He can score two goals against Arsenal next week. But he also could receive a red card.”

However, it will lose Mario Mancini

” Until now he has played well in his last eight games can be an important player for us. But believe it? Never,” said Mancini.Harus adult Previously Balotelli is also throwing a tantrum to suddenly appear when Inter Milan held a press conference and it does make Mancini furious.

” At a press conference he was there as a journalist. Adna should ask him why but he did have two days off,” said Mancini.

Two-day holiday that is used Balotelli to fly to Italy and suddenly emerge as the new coach of Inter Milan’s Andrea Stramaccioni center held a press statement.

” I can not ask him to stay home for two days,” added Mancini.

” I expect him to be an adult because he must realize that this is his job. He had to work and istrirahat. But he was young.”

Besides Mancini also defended his decision to back down Carlos Tevez.

Previously manager of Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson had insinuated Mancini by saying that losing Tevez is a desperate act which conducted Mancini.

“It’s important to me for what disampaika Sir Alex,” said Mancini.

“I respect him. I yakinapa I am saying is not important to him. I think the most important thing for me and he is winning the championship.”

“Carlos Tevez is a Manchester City player. He wants to leave the club in January, but it is not possible.”

“Now, he once again became an important player for us. Desperate for what? Us without Tevez for seven months and dominated the championship. I think not. He is a City and may be able to help us in six or seven games left,” said Mancini.

City is currently ranked second Premier League by three points from the top standings rivals Manchester United.

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