Winter X Games Xiv Men’s Snowboarding

An unofficial recap of the 2010 Winter X games 14 Men’s snowboarding SuperPipe and Big Air events.

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The 2010 Winter X Games were held at Snow mass mtn. in Aspen Colorado for the 9th consecutive time, taking place January 28-31. These winter games consisted of Snowboarding, Skiing, and Snowmobiling events.

Men’s Snowboarding SuperPipe Results

1st Shaun White (USA) 95.33- The biggest name in snowboarding today, Shaun lays down his gold winning run his first time down the pipe. Blasting 23 feet over the lip of the pipe on his first hit, Shaun lays down a double cork 1080 and a wild double McTwist 1260 to secure the gold Medal, his third in a row at Winter X.

2nd Iouri Podladtchikov (SUI) 93.66 -Iouri Podladtchikov, better known as Ipod, had a very solid final run in the SuperPipe. He lays down a huge double cork 1080 on his first hit of the frontside wall, then progresses smoothly down the pipe until he finishes up his run with another double cork 1080 on the backside wall for silver.

3rd Kazuhiro Kokubo (JPN) 91.00 – Standing only 5′3, Kazuhiro may not be the most physically imposing person in the competition, but his skills in the pipe are incredible. Landing all of his tricks so smooth he had the judges waiting on the replays. On his last hit Kazuhiro lands his double cork 1080 so smooth and easy it was as if he had only done a backside air. Kazuhiro Kokubo took home bronze.

Men’s Snowboarding Big Air Results

1st HalldÓr Helgasun (ISL) 100 – Yes ladies and gents, this is a perfect score With 2 hits scoring 50 and 50 respectively. His first 50 coming front a frontside double cork 1080, while the second comes front a backside double cork 1260. Both are absolutely amazing.

2nd Torstein Horgmo (NOR) 94 – Getting a 47 and 47 on both of his jumps. Torstein is known for executing difficult tricks with great style. he took home the silver.

3rd Mikkel Bang (NOR) 83 – Although he is significantly taller than the other riders which normally proves to be a dissadvantage, Mikkel gets scores of 47 and 36 for a total of 83, enough to take home the bronze medal.

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