About The Winter

Winter lasts for three months. It is a season of the Northern tropics. The characteristic of winter is snow.

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The Northern populations experience winter for long periods of time. Winter is a season when there is a lot of snow. It snows in areas where there are high mountains like in Quebec, the Alps and Mountain Kilimandjaro as well as in the Andes. It is winter from December to mid March. We should know about winter especially for those, who love sports. You can go skiing in some snow resorts like in British Columbia or in Switzerland as well as Austria for example.

So, the Northern populations break the conflict between the North and the South. The populations from the North like the Scandinavian from Sweden like to go skiing. That is where the first rack or snow equipment was invented. In Holland, the population always have a scarf around the neck, just in case it snows.

Thus, Winter is the season, when it snows.  There is snow in the mountains.  It snows when the temperature is below zero.  This usually happens on Christmas.  Places where it snows the most in the world are Georgia in the States, Quebec in Canada and in the Alps of Switzerland.  Therefore, you know where to plan for your Winter vacations.  

The mountains of Kilimandjaro and the Andes are also attractive for snow.  There are very high.  They offer an open place to replenish with air.  Populations from those mentioned places are respectively Masai and Inca.  They also have a good resource in agriculture for example Tanzania is the first producer of beans and Chile produces many fruits that are exported all over the world.

Therefore, you should know that Winter is from December to March.  It is a festive time.  A time to share gifts.  A time to stay warm and do some knitting for example.  It is also a time to drink some soup with bread and also spend some time studying to prepare a new era of democracy for the future generations.

As a matter of fact, we should interest more populations to sports especially ski.  Ski is a complete sports like swimming.  That is how you can have a fit body in a good mind.  For ski, you need some equipment like any sports and especially a good anorak.  There are stores which are specialized in ski clothing and equipment.

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