Five Facts About Vanilla Ice – Dancing on Ice

Five facts you may not know about Vanilla Ice, one of the contestants on ITV’s Dancing on Ice 2011.

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Dancing on Ice is in full swing on ITV1 on a Sunday night.  Contestants learn an ice skating routine with their professional partner in the hope of eventually winning the popular reality TV show.

Vanilla Ice is one such contestant.  Below are five facts that you may not know about him.

  1. His real name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle.
  2. His single Ice Ice Baby was the first Hip Hop single to reach number one in the billboard charts.
  3. In 1990 he had an 8 month relationship with Madonna.
  4. His new album is due out in 2011 and is titled WTF.
  5. In 2001 he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct after admitting her pulled hair from his wife’s head to stop her from jumping out of his truck.

Vanilla Ice is currently skating with first timer Katie Stainsby.

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