Dancing on Ice Uk 30th January 2011

Following the demise of Steven Arnold last week, everything was cranked up a gear as Torvill and Dean announced a bit of a sting in the tail for this week’s competition.

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Last week, with a combination of the judge’s scores and public votes, actor Steven Arnold and England cricketer Dominic Cork found themselves in the bottom two and had to compete against each other in the skate off.  Unfortunately Steven wasn’t very good on his blades so it was inevitable that Dom would survive for a further week and the panel would send Steven home.





But stakes were high this week.  An announcement was made last Monday that when it came to the skate off, the remaining competitors would themselves have to decide which of those two poor unfortunates would be sent home and which would stay.

I began this week’s competition with an open mind, considering that the public hadn’t gone for the most talented skaters but had gone purely on their “favourite celebrity”.

However, there was not a single doubt in my mind that Sam Attwater and Vanilla Ice would go through to next week as both of them are incredibly talented skaters but, as far as the remainder were concerned, it was anybody’s guess.  If it had been left to me I probably would have had Denise Welch or Dave Vitty leave but, bearing in mind how popular both stars are with the public, I reserved judgement.

As usual Sam and Vanilla gave solid performances; poor Vanilla Ice dancing with a black eye and stitches in his forehead due to a really bad fall during the week.

Here’s Sam giving his all (sorry but we don’t have YouTube videos so I can only supply links).  Apparently, there’s more than just a “dancing” partnership unfolding here – it’s rumoured that Sam and his pro partner are becoming increasingly closer on a personal level.  And why not, I say – Sam’s a lovely guy and if I was his partner I think I might just take a shine to him!


And here’s Vanilla Ice.  He wasn’t quite as good this week as last but then it’s understandable as the poor chap had suffered from concussion earlier in the week.  I wondered how he’d cope with a slower, more romantic dance but he just oozed sex appeal and passion here, despite black eye and stitches in his eye brow!!


Among the female celebs, I was so impressed with Chloe Madeley who had been so apprehensive in the initial programmes but now seemed to be gaining her momentum and really attacked her routine with great gusto.


This week Kerry Katona didn’t seem to be quite as proficient as in previous weeks and I had a suspicion that she may find herself in the bottom two and, to my mind, Dave Vitty should have joined her there.

Here’s Kerry


and here’s Dave


But, as per usual, I got it completely wrong!  The final two were Jeff Brazier and Dominic Cork.

This is Jeff


and this is Dom


Then it was down to their surviving fellow competitors to decide who stayed in.  The majority went with Jeff and Dom ended up with just three supporters.  Afghan war hero Johnson Beharry backed Dom together with DJ Dave Vitty and actress/tv presenter Denise Welch who, it seems, was voting with her heart as she confessed that she and Dom had become really good friends and she hoped they’d stay that way.

So I wonder what surprises we’ll be in for next week!!

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    Thanks for the update Jackie. Great post once again.

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