All Codes of Skate 3

Cheats and sucess.

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All codes of Skate 3
During the course of free play, do, go to the menu option and then finally choose the Bonus menu “enter cheat code”. Enter the following codes

Mini clips (the characters become small with a large head)
mini skaters.

Transforming pedestrians into zombies

Unlock the character of Dead Space “Isaac” “

Reset the location of objects
Street sweeper.

Hover board mode (the sets of wheels and wheels of the board become invisible)
All successful Skate 3
The Union’s board (50)
Reach your sales target of community boards.

Fun in the park (20)
Ends of the tutorials skate.Park.

To infinity and beyond (20)
Fill the gauge field to red in your own skate.Park.

Constructive criticism (20)
5 skate.Parks evaluates, and 5 photos 5 videos.

Congratulations artist (20)
Transfers 5 videos, 5 photos and 3 skate.Parks.

Sold! (20)
Create a logo and apply it on your skater.

Objectified (10)
Uses three moving objects in a single sequence.

Crafts (10)
Do 3 manuals in a single sequence.

Trick whipping (20)
Slap a Miracle Whip (Super dude body flip).

One hundred% pure adrenaline (10)
Great Eagle flies for 10 seconds.

Employee # 3 (20)
Earn your teammate second in career mode.

At the bottom (100)
Ends all, unlocks all wins everything!

Grosse teuf (10)
Wins both contests Maloof Money Cup.

T-mobilization (10)
Won the contest sponsored by T-Mobile.

Employee # 2 (10)
Win your first teammate in career mode.

The beast is released (10)
Monster wins the contest.

Fourgueur of stuff (75)
Sell ​​a million boards.

Star of RAG (10)
Wins the contest against Goofy Regular.

Call to a friend (10)
Called a skateboarder skater to come with you.

That’s the team! (10)
Play a free Skate session at 6 a team.

Won! (10)
Win a solo challenge with Online rankings.

Pro of the coop. (10)
Completing a challenging career Online.

Union (10)
Team wins a challenge with Online rankings.

The Strength (10)
Am part of a team with two skaters.

Big boss (10)
Win a Take The district ranked team.

Tape-five me! (25)
Win 5 ranked challenges.

That’s all? (50)
Take any challenge.

Speed ​​Demon (10)
Death race wins the final.

Stereo (20)
Ends of the tutorials skate.École coach Frank.

Masochism (10)
Completes the challenge Butcher “flat out”.

Monopoly spot (30)
Take all the spots.

The Lair of the skate (10)
Unlocks the HQ team.

Employee # 1 (10)
Builds your team.

It’s a wrap! (10)
Successful the final video.

Birth of a Dynasty (30)
Shape your entire team.

Class Atomic (50)
80 explodes challenges.

Being a pro, it’s hard (20)
Complete all the challenges pro.

Majestic (20)
Contests wins the final street and transition.

Real estate (30)
Take all neighborhoods.

Skate-symbol (20)
Make the Headlines from The Skateboard Mag and Thrasher.

Excessive media coverage (20)
Complete all the photos and video promo.

Employee # 4 (20)
Your teammate wins third in career mode.

Success secrets:

Secret Achievement (20)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Secret Achievement (20)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Secret Achievement (20)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Secret Achievement (10)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.

Secret Achievement (20)
Continue playing to unlock this secret achievement.
All additional content successfully Dream Hawaiian Danny Skate 3
Timeless (10)
Completes the two demos.

As the Street (20)
Successful challenges “Photo freestyle” and “video booth”

It’s too Street (20)
Street ends the path of Danny Way.

A to Z (20)
Successful challenges “Vertically” and “Mega gaps Danny”

King of the Jungle (20)
Transition path ends on Danny Way.

Indisputable (50)
Bats Danny Way in the final contest.

Master of spots (10)
The two successful challenges PLS Danny Way.
All additional content successfully Festival in San Van Skate 3
In the state of the art (25)
Completes the challenge PLS “On the one hand to another”

The hump of the grind (25)
Completes the challenge PLS “Plan bumpy”

Manual on the rainbow (10)
Photo Challenge ends on “Vaulting the rainbow”

The upside (20)
Photo Challenge ends the “Corkscrew”

Pros’s manual (20)
Photo Challenge ends on “Modern Manual”

Artistic soul (10)
Ends the video challenge “artistic Gaps”

Slowly (20)
Video Challenge ends on “The Art of rail”

Master of stairs (20)
Ends the video challenge “Marches in shambles”

Marraffanator (100)
Completes the challenge PLQ “Marraffa Skatepark”
All successful extra content pack Maloof Money Cup 2010 NYC Skate 3
Full of Money (10)
Ends of the two challenges PLS Maloof NY

Explosion transitions Maloof (20)
Completes the transition of PLQ Maloof NY

Maloof Street (20)
Ends in the PLQ Street Maloof NY

A picture is worth gold (10)
Ends of the two challenges Maloof NY Photo

Master of Money Cup (40)
Wins the contest Maloof NY

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