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The story.

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Sammenstødet would Exist a tredive, fyrretyve Alen bag Vasily trailer for easy Flugten. In the Øjeblik, Fang Fighters fyrede, Andrey should already be in the back af Escort – at the first shots he was going around and gore sprænge ind Gendarmerne between them, these were already medens optagne af fight with Fang Erne. He would have to make sure to be passed, when they approach him the right Afstand from Vasily trailer. He did not go on the tree, and not on him, and yet they iagttog hinanden sharp. Levshin was, which was closest to him, Andrey felt almost physically his ivrigt spørgende Blik and uden that af the wide, clean uvilkaarligt, he gave an almost umærkeligt encouraging Nik. Levshin misunderstood in his Ophidselse this Nik. As Lyn Andrey him TRÆKKER saa revolver out, flip up and sigte PAA gendarmes, where gik bag him. Then came the shots and a drøj Ed midst of a tæt Røgsky as a Øjeblik prevented Andrey that look for him.

The match was begyndt.

Andrey swivel lightning his horse around, spændte’s Revolver and awaited with your finger on cock. Igennem the forsvindede Rog so he, that Gendarme was not hurt, but the sharing of sea threw him over his Angriber and held him in Struben. The next Øjeblik held Andrey rygende a pistol in his hand,

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