Police Investigate Palmerah Cowboy Pistol Permit

Air soft gun should only be used when shooting sports.

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Cowboy Palmerah

Metro Jaya Regional Police states are coordinating with related incidents POMDAM Jaya Captain A Cowboy’s praises. Police were investigating soft water gun ownership permit Captain A’s.

“Air soft gun used in the praises that includes guns for sport, its use only in the event of exercisealone, there must be permission from the club,” said Head of Public Relations Jakarta Police, Commissioner Rikwanto, the Jakarta Police on Sunday May 6,2012.

Permit the use of soft water gun, said Rikwanto, listed in police chief Perkab No. 8 of 2008,about weapons of sports. “For a new gun into soft water since March 2012, so each of which willhave soft water gun, shooting clubs in the container, they mustbe registered,” he said.

He explained that the use of soft water gun also can not be indiscriminate. “At a sporting event, the organizers will issue asoft water gun with a permit from the warehouse, and then again after use put to the warehouse,” he explained.

Currently, according to Rikwanto, the police are only in charge of looking for informationonly. Meanwhile, for the imposition of sanctions against Captain A is handled by POMDAM Jaya. “We’ll explore collaboration with POM TNI,” he said.

Related to soft water gun ownership, says Rikwanto still betraced. Investigations around theold ownership, whether already registered ownership of the clubshooting. “If ya have not delivered, we just say that soft water gun which he held that whether to shoot or go private club,” he said.

Palmerah Cowboy action occurred on Monday, April 30. Army Captain A’s initials had to spit two shots into the air because of noise with a two-wheeler riders.

“Motorcyclists were trying to warn the motorists, but motorists in cars and the TNI was not received immediately spit fire into the air twice,” said Andri, one witnesses the incident. The commotion was finally suppressed thanks to the presence of two military police officers who arrive by car service.

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