Neil Fullard: The Singing Doorman From Birmingham

Britain’s Got Talent is heating up with a complete unknown.

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Who said singing in the shower was a waste of time? Looks like Britain is set to stun the world with yet another undiscovered mega-talent. Only this time, he sounds like “Frankie Boy.”
Neil Fullard is a 42 year old doorman, otherwise known as a “bouncer,” who has been accosted by many an angry person during his past fifteen years as a doorman. But, on his first audition, he was looking just a little nervous.
Of course, everyone knows that Simon Cowell’s favorite singer is Frank Sinatra. So, let’s see what happens to Neil. Simon seems to take good care of his flock. I believe he gave a 5 million pound mansion to Leona Lewis, and just last month in a surprise birthday party for runner up, Susan Boyle, gave her a £6,000 diamond bracelet. Ms. Boyle is just starting to receive the royalty checks on her first album, in the amount of around £4 million, according to Digital Spy.  The Queen is set to knight Mr. Cowell on her birthday, June 12th.

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