Mw3: Improving Your Game

How to improve your MW3 game.

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MW3: Improving your game

Today I want to talk to you about improving your MW3 skill. First thing I want to talk about today is what gun to use. I guess the gun you will be using will be based on what map you are playing on, what game mode you are playing and your playing style. If you like to play defensive and pick off enemies long range, you will probably have more success with a burst gun or a semi automatic. If you like to rush or you are always in close quarter situations then you will have more success with a sub machine gun or and assault rifle.

Another Important thing in having successful games is aim. If you do not have very good aim then you are probably not doing as well as you could be doing. One trick that has helped me drastically is using something like the L18A with suppressor. Now you may be thinking “Why would I put a silencer on my sniper rifle. I’m just going to get loads of hit markers”. That is exactly the point. After getting so many hit markers you will start to aim for the head more instead of shooting all over the place. This will make you not only a better sniper but a better all around COD player. Another way is to raise your sensitivity by two. Keep playing until your are comfortable with your sensitivity. Then lower it by one. You will notice that your aim will still be accurate except now you can turn faster and get your cross hairs on the enemies quicker.

If you are looking to boost your K/D then all you have to do is play infected. Try to survive as long as you can and get as many kills as possible. Once you die just stay put until the match is over. Using this method, noobs can still maintain a positive K/D. It isn’t all that fun but it works. This will also boost your W/L.

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