Modern Warfare Three Tips and Tricks

The ultimate guide to Modern Warfare 3. Quick scoping tricks and how to become better at it. And good guns to use and perfect attachments for them. Perks that you could use in a match to get that MOAB and perfect camping spots.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My name is Matthew Pettway and I going to tell you how to get more kills and raise your K/D ratio. And to get better at quickscoping.

So first we are going to start with “quickscoping”. Okay so down below i’m going to type the quickscoping class and why it’s good to use.

Quickscoping Class:

Barret 50 Caliber w/ focus proficiency

Perks:Sleight Of Hand Pro, Quickdraw Pro, Steady Aim Pro

Equipment: Throwing Knife and flashbang

Okay so I chose the Barret 50 Caliber because when you shoot you have a quicker shot than a regular bolt action sniper. If you notice that every time you shoot the L118A or the MSR the gun takes times to get off the next shot and when you use the Barret 50 Caliber. it shoots as quick as fast as your trigger finger wants it too. Notice the Barret 50 caliber in this video link and watch how it shoots and the in between moments of the shots.

Did you notice how he got a better kill feed the he would have if he were to use a(n) bolt action sniper??? Its more efficent and if you get into close situation you can always spray n’ pray.

The best secondary in my opinion is the MP9 w/silencer it doesnt have any recoil which is always a winner to me, and its the most trustworthy backup when you run out of ammo on your primary or when somebody gets too close. Trust me I always get MOABS (and we will more of have of that later) because of the MP9, its a life saver.

Now on to the assault class and this class will always when your standoff battles you’ll just have to use it for awhile and get use to it.


CM901 w/silencer and Kick profiency

Secondary: MP9 w/silencer

Perks: Assassin Pro, Recon Pro, and Stalker Pro

Equipment: Scrambler or Portable Radar, and Semtex

Killstreaks(MOAB):Specialist anything just have scavenger for your first killstreak, this also helps you level up faster.

This class will get you high killstreaks and increase that K/D ratio and if you use it correctly you could possibly get a MOAB. You can usually get a MOAB by finding a good camping spot on the side of the map wheir you can usually pick off stragglers as they come by. I dont know of any but on the map Mission go to the tree stump by the respawning point of the defending team on Search and Destroy. It looks like this.

Other guns and attachment you could use and what their good for.

MP7 w/ rapid fire-Run and Gun

MSR w/ extended mag-Regular Sniping

UMP45 w/ silencer-Run and Gun

Riot Sheild-Trolling 

I Hope My Advice Has Help You And Godd Luck

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