Modern Warfare Three Glitches

There are a lot of existing games as of these days. Games are the commonly played in our society especially to all teens because it is also another way of meeting local and foreign people. If we base it on our society, you can say that the world has already adapted it. Modern warfare three is just among those highly defined war games which have its superb visual, audio and animation quality.

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There are really times that a certain mission is difficult and takes time just to finish one; however, players have a great mind that’s why they created mw3 hacks. Despite the fact that a new method is created, the problem may occur directly from the contents of the game and that’s what we call modern warfare 3 glitches. “You can experience various

Akimbo Pistols Glitch as part of modern warfare 3 glitches

With some pistols, having Akimbo as an addtional, one can fire fully-automatic. To do it the you have to make the right-hand weapon, have only 1 bullet left and press both triggers and switch weapons at the same time. This will make the left-hand weapon fire automatically right before changing weapons.

Campaign Completed Over 100%

-          MW3 Campaign 100.3% Complete

Upon the completion of the Campaign, the percentage may state that the you are “100.3% Complete” with the Campaign mode.

Care packages and Sentry Guns don’t count glitch

Calling in a Sentry Gun or Care Package sometimes doesn’t count towards the Sentry Gun or Care Package challenges

Invisible and Unusable UGL on Machine Pistol Glitch

If you own an Underbarrel Grenade Launcher on an Assault Rifle, if you switch from your Underbarrel Grenade Launcher to your Machine Pistol you will be holding an unusable and invisible UGL on your secondary switch selection.

Invisible Claymore Glitch

You can make their claymore invisible by planting them on top of a trophy system and then deleting the trophy system which will make the claymore invisible.

One Handed Gun Glitch

You must have Overkill on any gun as a primary weapon and a PM-9 HAMR as the secondary weapon. They must switch to the PM-9 HAMR, aim down the sight, and switch weapons in which it is triangle for ps3 and Y for Xbox 360. If performed rightly, the primary weapon should be held with one hand.It will work also with your secondary being any assault rifle with grenade launcher or hybrid sight or shotgun.

Sniper Glitch

In order to do this, you should have a rifle and aim down the scope. If the aiming is already done, knife a certain enemy while still scoping and be back right away. Then knife again and fastly switch to the equipment.

However, try to avoid players who are using this glitch as they will use explosives and knives. The perks extreme conditioning will evade the user of the glitch while blast Shield will protect the player from explosive damage produced by the glitcher’s explosion.

Zero gravity glitch without modern warfare 3 hacks

On the mission Turbulance, you should pick up an AK-74u as soon as the enemies breach the conference room. After it, during the “Zero Gravity” sequence wait until you are near enough and evict enemies then if an enemy is killed in the exact location, he will drop an AK-74u that can be looted. Then you have to switch to the five-seven and pick up dropped AK while in the midair. When back on the ground, you will only have one AK-74u. Pick up the five seven and it will be held as if still in mid-air. It will last until your pistol drops.

Knowing the various modern warfare glitches, you can already find another way to undergo other features of the game that cannot just be observed on a normal basis. Though there are also mw3 hacks still you can try it out without the codes. You just need to be observant enough to deal with the different situations. Try using the aforementioned details and see for yourself what will happen after.

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