How to Get The Thunder Gun or Ray Gun Everytime! Glitch (Unpatched + All Maps) Black Ops Zombies

Here are the simple steps on getting the ray gun & thundergun everytime! Hurry before they patch this glitch!

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Just saying this is round 4 on Call of the Dead Solo, and i used around 30 purchases of the M14 and a death machine. It takes around 4000 bullets with normal weapons. FML he came back two rounds later. Sniper Rifles (L96A1 and Dragunov) does 10000 points of damage to the head when upgraded. So These are weapons that you can use to kill Romero.  The Python does 3000 points of damage to the head, so it is also a good choice. Call of Duty Black Ops. This game is amazing. In this video 4 of us got up to round 26 on Kino Der Toten. This video is through my perspective during gameplay. I had the Upgraded Ray and the Upgraded Thunder Gun.. also called the Zuess Cannon. It was a tough game but we made it up to 26. I am sure that there are those out there that have reached far beyond our mark. Monkey Bombs do a great job. And the Upgraded Crossbow did save our asses alot in this game (video). I had Juggernog and Speed Cola Enabled. It works like a charm. Yes I am pretty sure this works on all the zombies maps like ascension, kino der toten, five, and all the classic waw zombie maps. It is pretty easy all you have to do is buy the box, jump and shoot your pistol, spin around and shoot again and you will get. I found this on another site and dont take credit, ive tried it a multiple amount of times and had not failed me once so i can confirm 100% working. The weapons are randomized. There is nothing that will make it give you a better gun. No matter what you do whether its spinning in circles or sitting to the side or going prone. Nothing will give you better odds. It’s all about luck.

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