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on to the shop and there was a Ståltrådsprinkel the door, and I’m growing as soon as the ladder tinkling sound, when a man Knoger affected it.

The sun was in the South, It was about twelve. The city because that come on Bones, it nærmed Spadsertiden him, and say hello to people and laughing bølged up and down the main street. I hugged Albuerne the Site, made me Liden and slap ubemærket past Nogle Bekendte that sharing of sea indtaget a corner of the University, that watch the passers-by. I vandred Slot upward slope and fell in tanks.

These people, I had met, where and let lystigt vugged not its bright main and svinged himself Gennem Life as a Gennem Balsal! There was no grief in a single Oje, I saw no burden on any one shoulder, perhaps not a cloudy thought, not a secret Liden Pine in anything af these happy Sind. And I went there all the af Since these People, young and udsprungen sneeze, and I have already forgotten the sharing of sea, how luck so ud! I dægged for myself with this thought and the devil, that there was skeet me horribly clock. Why sharing of sea for the last year gone so Maerk hard way with me? I struggled not growing mit bright Sind ladder, and I sharing of sea the strangest complaints on all sides. I could not sits

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