Caring for Your Mosin Nagant 91/30 7.62×54r When You Open The Box

7.62×54r owners.

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I have found some great tricks to get out all that Cosmoline, Dis assemble your rifle, remove the bold by pulling it back and squeezing the trigger, then the rings on the stock have to go, us a screw driver and pop those rings out of place, it will scratch some of that shiny stuff don’t worry its not finish its cosmoline that has been caked on there from being in it for 40 years. Then take you screwdriver and remove the screws from under the receiver and in top of the stock  behind it. Then remove the barrel and the receiver.  First Get a bottle of rubbing Alcohol 50% will do, hold you rifle over a bucket (this can get a little messy) pour one quarter of the bottle down into the barrel run your cleaning rod through several times then also pour another quarter of the bottle over the receiver and trigger assembly. take you bolt and disassemble it its fairly simple to take apart. put it back together the same way you took it apart only backwards, careful of the firing pin and spring to get the pin out you need to turn the pin to the left hold tight because the firing pin will shoot out with the spring and hurt you or somebody if you don’t have the pin held tight. soak you bolt in the alcohol in the bucket. Let is soak for about 20 mins, you want that old grease to dissolve too. Use a q-tip to get some of the dirt out of the small pieces of the bolt assembly, when you are done, put the bolt back together. Next take a cloth pour some alcohol on the stock and rub it down to loosen it up.

After that take some very fine sand paper made for wood, be thorough you don’t want the stock have that shiny stuff on it. After it is sanded down take a piece of steel wool that is rated 0000 and rub it down till it’s nice and smooth. After take some true oil  it is found in most local gun shops. Dip you finders in it and rub the out side of the stock only. Rub it in till it stars getting warm and thick, it’ll be kind of harder to rub. Do this all over the outside of your stock till it looks nice let it dry over night. 

Please oil all gun parts before using the firearm. Do this procedure at your own risk, This procedure in not for  amature gunsmiths unless you have a guide and you know what you are doing. Please check all firearms of this magnitude with an experienced gunsmith before firing.

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