Boss: Eight


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“There are eight of the robbers where the board,” said Sir Kevin, who had binoculars, “and they run up and down in the gondola as a mouse in a fælde. Hello, where they release the more accustomed ballast. But we’ll probably be a little cautious, boys, when we are approaching us them. I see two sinister guns on board the bridge. “

“What I have also seen,” said Steven. “And when this story certainly ends that we exchange bombs and bullets, saa tænker I are bedst I prepare myself. Should I get the same hjælperne mine now, too? “

Jack and Tony were more willing end and followed with keen Steven.

After the airship had stopped the rise in 174 and was an elevation of 8000 feet, sagtnet Henri go and run towards it.

“Keep an eye on them, Sir Kevin,” he pleaded, “I tænker they are the same dangerous kind as those we have had before that order.”

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