Apb:reloaded Triggerbot Hack!! *Free*

APB:Reloaded Triggerbot hack!!

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Visit auto gamers for a FREE TRIGGER BOT!!! get it now before it’s too late!


Trigger bot in action »

Hold your own against hackers, whilst remaining worry-free of punkbuster banwaves.

We guarantee that you won’t be banned while using this. If you purchased and if you were banned while you had an active subscription, we’ll refund your money in full!!!

Since October 2011, more than 400 people have been using this bot. Odds are good that you have played with or against numerous people using it.


“So far I’m finding it very intuitive and extremely unlikely to ever get picked up by PB. …the trick however is that you really need to understand pixels and your native resolution to get something out of it. I also saw something in there about replacing the “X’d-out” red crosshair which would probably solve any other issues that careful tweaking did not fix. If you run custom modification guns or in Windowed Mode, then yes you WILL need careful crosshair tweaking and refire/rapid rates . Getting the color right might also take some trial and error.” –Camping, MPGH

“I’ve been using it a few days now. My only problem was with some false positives, raised red then lowered green and blue by 10. I haven’t had a negligent discharge since.
Really it doesn’t give a huge advantage with most weapons, assuming you’re using a rapidfire for the semi-autos and have some skill. However it really shines with the HVR, aim at a corner and it’ll take the shot before you even see the enemy pop out, or just scan back and forth under a car to easily nail the feet of enemies taking cover. ” –Insidewolf, MPGH

“First of all,I suggest to use the zeroed crosshair or the presets for you weapon. If you don’t,the bot can’t fire! Secondly,use the weapon’s stats from apbdb.com to set up the rapid fire macro. This will help you to get the most out of this hack. Hope I helped.” –Sujinn, MPGH

“Thanks to your triggerbot , all the low-gold people play with sniper or obir … goddammit 
good job elsewhere… ” –darkyng, MPGH

“I play better with it as well, but I wanted to test it for himIf anything I hope Rawr can keep this up. –SamsoniteNM, MPGH

“This is good shit.” –Tom evs, AG

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