Airsoft Gun Types

A description of the basic types of airsoft guns for those new to the sport, trying to decide which is right for them.

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There are many different types of airsoft guns, and it can be confusing to the new player. Hopefully I can help :)

Electric Guns – Subcategories include Mini Electrics, LPEG, MPEG, AEG

These guns are powered by a battery. Mini Electrics are cheap, and tend to be low powered. They are miniature replicas of full sized guns. LPEG stands for Low Powered Electric Gun. Likewise, MPEG stands for Medium Powered Electric Gun. These tend to be cheap, full sized replicas of their real steel counterparts, and are generally under $100. AEGs are the bread and butter of competition grade airsoft guns. The average airsoft player uses one of these. Standing for Automatic Electric Gun, they are generally Assault Rifles or SMGs, and use rechargable batteries to shoot in full automatic and semi automatic modes. They can range in price from $100 to $1500.

Spring Guns – Subcategories include Spring Pistols, Spring Rifles, Spring Sniper Rifles, Spring Shotguns

These are usually the cheapest airsoft guns. You manually cock the gun before each shot. Usually, a spring gun is a $20 to $60 pistol, shotgun, or assault rifle. They are all single shot. Occasionally, a rifle will be able to shoot more than one bb per pump, like the UTG shotgun which shoots 3 bbs per pump. Spring sniper rifles on the other hand are very high powered, and can cost anywhere between $75 and $300.

Gas Guns – Subcategories include Gas Blow Back, Non Blow Back

Usually pistols, but occasionally assault rifles or sniper rifles, these guns are powered by gas (CO2, green gas, red gas, or propane). As the names indicate, blow back gas guns have a functional slide, while non blow back guns do not have as many moving parts, and are more gas efficient. Pistols can range from $40 to $200, while sniper rifles can be well over $500.

I hope this basic guide has helped in your purchasing decision. Happy airsofting!

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