Ways to Give a Fun Mermaid Theme to any Room

Mermaids are creatures that fascinate many and if you are really fond of them then you should do up your room in a mermaid theme.

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Mermaids flapping about in the sea and kissing the breeze as they swim by are a dreamy vision that many people are fascinated with. Little girls are really fond of mermaids and anybody who is a fan of these sea sirens can easily do up their personal space using them as a central theme.

Colors of the Sea

Pick colors from the ocean floor. Bright tints of blue and green are for a fun filled look while serene colors like white and brown will also work with this getup. Go for mossy green, aquamarine, ocean blue, sea green, teal or sky blue while hues like cream, gray, beige, pearly white and sandy brown will give a somber theme to your room.

Get Earthy

Mermaids live amid nature and greenery. Sand or mud filled in jars and pebbles or rocks thrown in a large bowl will look amazing. Place large sized rocks, boulders or crystals on tables, window sills, balconies, open shelves or any other area for display.

Life Underwater

Recreate things that you see underwater like aquatic plants and flora by planting in pots or trays.  Keep several fish bowls or aquariums around the room and set out decor that looks like crab, fishes, mermaids and other water bound creatures.

Add Romance

Touch up with things that found on the beach like sea shells and conches. Decorating with pearls is also a good idea and a pearl placed inside a shell will look absolutely smashing. Nautical items like a huge sail, an anchor or replica of a ship is a great choice while replicas of small boats and dinghy’s will look damn neat.


Look for mermaid themed furniture, handles or pegs. Add paintings of mermaids, a classic one will be of a mermaid sitting on the rock by the edge of the sea, and you can also add mermaid murals. Other knick-knacks with a mermaid theme can be stickers, wallpaper, sculptures, clocks and lamps. Buy sheets, comforters, rugs and throws with mermaid designs.

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