Mark Pallai of Vancouver

Mark Pallai of Vancouver stress many things about a healthy lifestyle.

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Mark Pallai of Vancouver stresses many things as he continues on life’s road to happiness and a healthy lifestyle.

He tells anyone that will listen about the benefits of fresh air and exercise.  Stressing the importance of getting up off the couch and out there doing something with the family is very important to him.  Improving the body means strengthen the legs, losing the tummy fat, improving muscle tone, and making arms stronger.

Mark Pallai loves to sprint run.  He loves to improve his timing to run a better race and mostly, he improves his timing for himself.   The magic word is that he is out there doing something with his body in hopes to improve his body.

He enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.  Getting daily exercise and eating right is two important things that Mark Pallai stresses daily to everyone.  He will tell you eating your fruits and vegetables are important to your bodies as well as to yourself.

He loves all sports because each one improves one part of our body, if not more parts.  Baseball is good for the legs and running is good for the breathing,  Each sports has something that it makes stronger and you will see himself out in the fresh air either just running for the fun of it or trying to improve himself.  He loves to play on sports that encourage team participation.

Having ideas on how to improve yourself in many ways is something Mark Pallai is known for.  Such as sprint running, he tells anyone interested to pick out a spot in the distance and run toward it as fast as you can.   Doing it over and over, until your time is the best you think you are going to get that day.  Continue coming out daily to see if you can improve your time. 

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  1. Posted March 9, 2012 at 11:03 am

    I agree with Mark Pallai. A healthy lifestyle and eating right is important in one’s life. I have been reading different articles on this man and it sounds like he knows what he is talking about.

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