Sex Style a La Rodeo Broken Pubic Make Most Vulnerable


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Jakarta, Injuries during sex is not unusual, especially if the style of lovemaking is bizarre. Style of making love like a cowboy taming a wild horse or rodeo-called sex, including the most vulnerable peculiar style makes pubic fracture.

Rodeo-style lovemaking style is usually done by women in the top position (woman on top), styled like a cowboy who pranced over his body as his horse. For women, this style is relatively safe, but for a man very dangerous to the pubic.

Risk of injury faced by men while doing this style is when his cock collided with an object that is not elastic in the female body. Object generally is the pelvis, which can make the genitals and then sandwiched broken.

“Pubic men then pinned fractures most often occur when performing position-sex rodeo,” said Billy Goldberg, PhD, a professor in the field of emergency from Indiana University, as quoted from, Tuesday (20/12/2011).

But according to Prof. Goldberg, the risk of such injuries can be reduced by offset women’s movement who became a cowboy. So that the pubic is not pinched by the pelvic bones, get clearances when cowboys lifted himself no more than 3-5 cm.

Another movement that needs to be balanced is when the cowboy leaned over. If the female partner’s body began to tilt in the direction opposite the direction of an erection, do not say anything but follow his movements so that the pubic interest does not come then broken.

In addition, warming up before sex also needs to be done if the couple had a history of frequent muscle injuries. Instead of one vein when doing extreme styles, better muscles dilemaskan first so do not be surprised when forced to work hard.

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