Miss World Pageant 2011 Winner

Miss Venezuela, Ivian Sarcos, has been crowned the 2011 winner of the Miss World beauty pageant at a glittering final ceremony in London. Miss World pageant 2011 winner.

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Miss World pageant 2011 winner – Congratulations are in the Miss Venezuela! Ivian Sarcos has been crowned the winner of the Miss World contest in London November 6, 2011. Her crown was delivered last year’s winner, Alexandra Mills, who competed in the United States.

113 women competed in this year’s drama, which was sent to 150 countries and more than a billion viewers expected. Meanwhile, outside, 50 feminists protested the game – and, indeed, shows in general. “Objectification of the world will not achieve peace,” “Being a woman is not a competition” and “sexism is bad enough,” read the signs.

But women on the scene thought they were leading a different kind of feminism. “I think the next Miss World to be a woman of responsibility and reason,” Sarco, which has a degree in human resources, said during the competition. “I think women should be involved in the organization and help people in need. Beauty with a heart. “

She won the interview round.

Runner-up was Miss Philippines, Gwendoline Ruais, and Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Perez, claimed third place. Next year, the game takes place Ordos, Inner Mongolia, China. Miss World pageant 2011 winner

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