Will Carl Edwards Ever Win Again

I think so.

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It has been almost two years since Carl Edwards last won a race. Many people think that after what happened to him at Talledega in April of 2009 he has stopped taking the chances that he took earlier in his career. I do not think that this is true. I think that Carl Edwards has not been in good cars for the last two years. I think this happened because of the transition to the new Ford engine. This engine change has caused a lot of problems in all of the Fords and I think that it is the main cause of the problem with the 99 team. I do not think that Edwards will win a race in 2010 but that is because I do not think that a Ford will visit victory lane at all this year. I believe that the Fords will be competitive next year but this year they can’t compete very well.

Edwards and the 99 team were one of the most powerful teams in 2008 but for the last two years that team has not been doing much to show that it can win.

Edwards is a driver that is capable of winning at every level but if his team does not provide him with equipment that is as fast as the other cars on the track he will not win and neither will anyone else.

The equipment of Roush Renway racing has improved a great deal. But Carl Edwards won only one race in 2011 and none this year. I believe that the crash in april of 2009 has caused Edwards to lose his tenacity. This showed in the 2011 chase when he did not show the killed instinct that Tony Stewart did.

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