Powerful Faith Engine

A comparison of the Christian race with a race car team.

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The Powerful Faith Engine

By Peggy Toolen

© January 2012

An Indy Race Car has a powerful engine but without fuel it is worthless. If you want to see the engine at work you must put fuel in it.

Faith is the engine that powers the Christian’s life. If Believer wants to walk a powerful walk and have powerful prayers then they must fuel their faith.

The Word of God says everyone has been given a measure of faith. We all have a powerful engine to live out the Christian life; we just need to add the fuel to make it do what it’s intended to do. What’s the fuel for faith? The word of God is the fuel for the powerful engine of faith!

At least once during a long race fuel needs to be put into a race car. The driver will make pit stops during a race and the pit crew will put more fuel in it so that it can finish the race.  The same is true for a Christian’s faith. We must make pit stops every day at least once a day to refuel our faith engine with God’s Word so we can finish the race before us. Sometimes it’s necessary to refuel more than once a day, depending on the race that is ahead of us on any particular day. It’s always a good idea to stay fueled up and ready to go at all times because the races or challenges of life come when they are least expected.

Where is Your Focus?

A race car driver must focus his attention on the finish line and the cars around him. Just as a race car driver has to have a point of focus, the believer must also have a point of focus. The point of focus for the believer is living a successful Christian life and the individual plan that God has for each one.

While the point of focus for the race car driver is the finish line he also needs direction from someone who can see the whole picture. The racecar driver gets his direction from the crew chief who is overseeing the entire racetrack. The driver can only see things from his own point of view and may not be able to see an accident up ahead on the track or debris that could be hazardous, or things that might be wrong with the car. That’s where the crew chief comes in and lets the driver know the needed information and what he should do about the situation. Drivers know how important it is to keep the communication line open to hear the crew chief’s instructions to them.

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