Powerful Faith Engine

A comparison of the Christian race with a race car team.

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The Powerful Faith Engine

By Peggy Toolen

© January 2012

An Indy Race Car has a powerful engine but without fuel it is worthless. If you want to see the engine at work you must put fuel in it.

Faith is the engine that powers the Christian’s life. If Believer wants to walk a powerful walk and have powerful prayers then they must fuel their faith.

The Word of God says everyone has been given a measure of faith. We all have a powerful engine to live out the Christian life; we just need to add the fuel to make it do what it’s intended to do. What’s the fuel for faith? The word of God is the fuel for the powerful engine of faith!

At least once during a long race fuel needs to be put into a race car. The driver will make pit stops during a race and the pit crew will put more fuel in it so that it can finish the race.  The same is true for a Christian’s faith. We must make pit stops every day at least once a day to refuel our faith engine with God’s Word so we can finish the race before us. Sometimes it’s necessary to refuel more than once a day, depending on the race that is ahead of us on any particular day. It’s always a good idea to stay fueled up and ready to go at all times because the races or challenges of life come when they are least expected.

Where is Your Focus?

A race car driver must focus his attention on the finish line and the cars around him. Just as a race car driver has to have a point of focus, the believer must also have a point of focus. The point of focus for the believer is living a successful Christian life and the individual plan that God has for each one.

While the point of focus for the race car driver is the finish line he also needs direction from someone who can see the whole picture. The racecar driver gets his direction from the crew chief who is overseeing the entire racetrack. The driver can only see things from his own point of view and may not be able to see an accident up ahead on the track or debris that could be hazardous, or things that might be wrong with the car. That’s where the crew chief comes in and lets the driver know the needed information and what he should do about the situation. Drivers know how important it is to keep the communication line open to hear the crew chief’s instructions to them.

For the believer God is like the crew chief. Believers must keep their communication lines open to their crew chief so he can inform them of situations that they can’t see from their point of view. Of course God is the Believer’s crew chief, and prayer is the communication line that must be open at all times.

A driver needs to be able to talk to the crew chief and be able to hear from him as well. The believer’s prayers should be a two way conversation as well.

Some things that might cause static on your communication line would be…

Your own reasoning… A driver might hear the crew chief tell him he needs to do a certain thing about something that the driver can’t see from his perspective but if the driver starts to reason about the situation without all the information they need instead of knowing that the crew chief knows things he doesn’t know then he could make a bad decision not to follow the instructions of the crew chief. The same thing can happen to a believer. God, being able to see and know all things before they happen has the better view. He will sometimes tell us to do things that we don’t understand with our own human reasoning. We don’t see the big picture as God does from our own small perspective. If we hear God instructing us to do a certain thing and it doesn’t make since to us we sometimes take things into our own hands and make mistakes that could be devastating to our situation. God wants us to finish the race safely just as the crew chief wants his driver to finish the race safely.

What you see… Once again what the driver sees on the race track may be completely different than what the crew chief is seeing from his point of view. The same goes for what believers see compared to what God sees from his perspective. In the believer’s race things often look one way in the physical realm but are completely different.

Your feelings… A driver might be feeling something in the car that is causing him to believe something is going wrong. Or possibly not feeling something that maybe he should be feeling. The crew chief can let him know what he sees going wrong with his car that the driver may not be able to feel inside the car. Obviously a crew chief isn’t omniscient as God is so he doesn’t know everything that’s going on. But the believer can trust that God knows all and will be able to let them know when things are wrong in their Christian walk.

Negative counsel from other people…  A driver shouldn’t listen to someone who knows nothing about his car and the track they are racing on. His main counsel should be his Crew chief. A Believer needs to listen to God and when other people tell them what they think about their situation take it to God and make sure it lines up with what God is saying in his word.

Guilt from past mistakes… A driver shouldn’t let his past mistakes freeze him up.  He should learn from his past mistakes and not let them keep him from moving on and keep pressing toward the finish line.

A believer who has repented of his past mistakes and sins needs to learn from his mistakes and keep moving forward also and not let the guilt make them think they won’t be a winner in his Christian race. Guilt will trip a Christian up very quickly! It’s done and over with and nothing can be done to change it now, so forget it as God has and keep pressing toward the finish line.

Hebrews 12:1 1 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, 2 looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith


Neglecting the Word of God… Just as a driver’s car must have fuel so the believer’s faith needs fuel. You not only won’t finish the race successfully but you won’t even get started without proper fuel.

Not repenting of sin (continuing in sin) after asking for forgiveness…

In the believer’s walk with God they must stay repentant of sins and they must forgive other people of their sins. If this is not done the communication between them and God is blocked by the sin.

Just as a driver needs his line of communication open with his Crew chief so does the believer. If there’s something going on between the crew chief and driver the driver might not listen to the crew chief’s instructions just to show him he knows more than the crew chief does. This could be devastating in both the driver’s race and the believer’s race.

Satan’s schemes… In a race, other drivers might do things to prevent a driver from winning the race. Sometimes its accidents, other times it’s bumps and swerves that are done purposely.  In any case the driver must be aware of what the drivers around him are doing that might cause problems in his race.

The believer must also be aware of things Satan might try to do to stop him from winning the race before him. He might use circumstances or other people to do this. Whatever the case, the believer can overcome the obstacles by listening to the instructions of God and obeying him.

Obviously a car with an engine is great but without wheels it’s not going anywhere. The same is true for the believer. They may have powerful faith but faith without works is dead. A believer must do what they know God tells them in his word to do or they will be worthless.

Racing may seem like it’s the driver doing it all but it really is team effort with the owner, crew, crew chief and driver that wins a race!

Believers win the race with team effort with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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