Nascar – Daytona 500, Female Racer?

Danica Patrick starting in Daytona.

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   After 2 years of female drivers racing in NASCAR off and on, Danica Patrick appears to be the first to Race the Daytona 500. Anyone who follows NASCAR understands that this is the biggest race all year long. When NASCAR first made the decision a few years ago to allow female racers, they also split between the Nationwide Series and Sprint Cup stating “racers would no longer be allowed to race in both series.” So far the female racers have been primarily racing the Sprint Cup, until now.

   Like many other sports, for years women have been kept from competing against the men. Danica Patrick has proven time and again that she can race just as well, and most of the time better, than half the men on the track. Anyone who has followed her career thus far is unable to keep from being in awe of this woman and her accomplishments in a previously male dominated industry. This year Danica is to compete in 10 Sprint Cup races in the #10 GoDaddy Chevy. This of course, will be on top of competing in a full NASCAR Nationwide Series schedule for JR Motorsports. If she does good in the Sprint Cup races, it’s possible that next year we may see her competing for the entire Sprint Cup series!

   Being a female driver, Danica is definitely considered the Underdog for the Daytona 500. There’s no doubt about that in anyone’s mind. However, her career has been an illustrious one. I for one believe she will rise to the challenge, and might surprise everyone. With racing changed so much in an attempt to create a level playing field, I think Danica could easily rise to the top of the leader boards.

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