Eric Mcclure Alert

Driver injured but Alert.

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The NASCAR nationwide series race held at Talledega super speedway on May 5 2012 was marred by a crash with less than five laps to go that left driver Eric Mclure injured. 

McClure’s 14 car slammed into the inside retaining wall after being turned at nearlt 200 miles per hour. Their were a total of 7 cars involved in the crash all of them substained substantial damage. 

The front end of the 14 car was destroyed and McClure was not able to lower his window net after the crash. This is a signal for safety workers to come to the aid of the driver. It was clear that his neck and back were affected so the safety worked removed the roof of his car to pull him from the car and place him on a stretcher.

Because of the nature of the injuries McClure was airlifted to a local hospital where right now doctors are reporting that he is conscience and responding to them. There is no other news at this time.

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