Camel Riding Robots and Other Odd and Rare Racing Events

Porcupine racing, bus demolition derbies, 10K unicycle racing, and more crazy odd racing events.

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Weird,odd,strange,and rare racing events are all over the place. The following is a sampling of some of the racing events to be found.

Camel Racing

Arab Nations have a rich history of camel racing but after world-wide condemnation towards their use of small young boys as young as 4 years old to be the jockeys, Dubai switched to using small robots as the Jockey.

Miniature Chariot Horse Racing
Miniature horses hooked to miniature chariots with a miniature jockey in a young kid. Kids racing miniature horses and chariots. To see some pics of Kids racing miniature horses and miniature chariots check out this page.

This picture is of a miniature horse and chariot during a parade in Jerome Idaho 2007.

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Lawnmower racing


Lawnmower racing is so popular it even has it’s own video game.

The stock classes are pretty darn slow but in the modified classes these riding lawnmowers can get some speed. To learn more about the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association or to find a listing of sanctioned events check out the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association web page.

Unicycle Racing

With a wide range of events including a 10 kilometer marathon Unicyclist racers have to be crazy. As if riding a unicycle is easy much less adding a competitive flair to the sport by a multitude of racing events. Check out the official USA Unicycling Racing Web Site.

Semi Truck Drifting

You’ve seen the movie Fast and The Furious:Tokyo Drift. You know that drifting is a lot of fun to watch. You know that drifting makes a lot of money for the Goodyear tire company. Did you know a few people drift semi trucks. Its got to be expensive on the tires and gas.

Antique Tractor Pulls

With events held all over the United States with many different associations there is bound to be an antique tractor pull near you. Antique tractor pull associations generally sanction and promote events:

  • To help preserve a piece of history
  • To have a fun time
  • To raise Money for Charities

Trailer races

At circle tracks around the country promoters are turning to trailer races to help get new spectators to the race track. After all the racing is done for the evening they pull out the trailers and hook them onto cars. Camp trailers,boat trailers,horse trailers and any other toe of trailer they can come up with.

The cars with the attached trailers begin racing around the track. Generally the rule is to knock the crap out of your opponents trailer. Last trailer standing wins. Who actually cares who wins. Spectators just want to see the destruction.

The trailer race is the last race of the night. It may take 3-4 days just to pick up the mess around the track.

Porcupine Races

I can’t make this up.
Council Idahos 4th of July celebration feature A Porcupine Races to raise money for charity. Don;t worry no porcupines are harmed. Can’t make that promise for the people involved though. An occasional stray porcupine can send the audience running.

Pics Of Porcupine Racing

Bus Demolition Derby

Take a racetrack. Take a lot of buses and then have them crash into each other as they race around. Hell Yeah!
Youtube Videos Of Bus Demolition Derbys. The first video is of the circle track style bus demolition derby and the second video is of A traditional style bus demolition derby.

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    WOW! Great Article. I like the lawnmower racing.

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    I really enjoyed your article. I am going to pass it on to my husband, I know he will be interested. (he is a race nut)

    I thought the porcupine racing was hilarious.

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