Brad Kesolowski 2Nd Win at Talledega

Aaroons 499.

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In the runnning of the Aaroons 499 there were two attempts at a green white checkered finish. This extended the race by a full nine laps. The winner of the race was Brad Kesolowski in the number 2 Miller Light Dodge fro Penske Racing. Kesolowski did two things that have not been done at Talledega in a long time.

The first was win in a Dodge. No Dodge had gone to victory lane there in over 30 years. The second was the distance he traveled on his final tank of fuel. Kesolowski pitted for the final time with 48 laps to go. The fuel window at this race track is usually 42 laps but Kesolowski was able to strecth his fuel enough to go the full distance plus and extra 9 laps to win the race.

This race was relativly calm until the final 40 laps. There were two cautions prior to that and in the final 40 laps there were 6 cautions. Most of them were for large multi car wrecks. The largest was at the beggining of the first overtime restart.

That crash ended the day of several very good race cars including Jeff Gordon and Denny Hamlin.

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