24 Long Hard Hours of Daytona – Nascar Racing Drivers – Rolex

Daytona Beach, Florida, is home to the Biggest, Fastest, Craziest, Nascar events to ever be witnessed. Nascar Drivers prepare for the 24 Hour Rolex.

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One of the hardest races in Nascar history, the 24 Hour Rolex brings the challenge. Nascar Drivers are put through world of hell at the Daytona Beach raceway for this event. Drivers from around the world come to compete amongst the best in there class.

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They Drivers endure a long 24 hour, whole day race at the Daytona Raceway. Endless competition and no rest takes place.  They prepare for this long and tiring race coming in the future. Fans across the country and world are ready to watch this epic event coming up on television. If you liked this article please LIKE it and share it with your favorite bookmarking site.

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